Victorian Current Acts

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Research carried out by Secretary or Victorian Fisheries Authority

S. 140(1) amended by No. 68/2016 s. 137(2).

    (1)     Subject to the direction and control of the Minister, the Secretary or the Victorian Fisheries Authority may, for the achievement of the objectives of this Act

        (a)     carry out or cause to be carried out any experimental, monitoring or research activity or field studies; or

S. 140(1)(b) substituted by No. 5/1997
s. 35(a).

        (b)     use any commercial fishing equipment, commercial abalone equipment or commercial aquaculture equipment or other device of any kind or any liquid, solid or gaseous matter.

S. 140(2) amended by No. 68/2016 s. 137(2).

    (2)     Without limiting the generality of subsection (1), the Secretary or the Victorian Fisheries Authority may—

        (a)     determine the possible effects and influence on fish, aquatic ecosystems and fish habitat of proposed and existing water conservation structures, river improvement work, drainage projects, water conservation projects and any other project which may affect fish environments and aquatic ecosystems;

        (b)     ascertain the economics of any phase of any fishery;

        (c)     determine the effects of contamination of the atmosphere, soil and water on aquatic organisms and fish habitat;

        (d)     ascertain whether fish exist in any waters in commercial quantities;

        (e)     develop any fishery in any waters;

        (f)     take fish for examination and study;

        (g)     destroy fish for the establishment of other fisheries in their stead;

        (h)     remove fish from any waters;

S. 140(2)(i) substituted by No. 5/1997
s. 35(b).

              (i)     stock any waters with any species of fish;

        (j)     do any act matter or thing for the improvement or better management of any fishery or aquatic ecosystem.

S. 141 repealed by No. 5/1997
s. 36, new  s. 141 inserted by No. 108/2003 s. 41.

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