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Application—general provisions

S. 148(1) amended by No. 5/1997
s. 39(2)(a).

    (1)     Subject to any express provisions in this Act, the following provisions apply to or in respect of an application under this Act.

    (2)     An application must be—

S. 148(2)(a) amended by No. 68/2016 s. 144(1).

        (a)     in the form approved for the purpose by the Victorian Fisheries Authority;

        (b)     accompanied by the relevant prescribed application fee (if any);

S. 148(2)(c) amended by No. 68/2016 s. 144(1).

        (c)     accompanied by any information that the Victorian Fisheries Authority requires for the purpose of the application;

S. 148(2)(d) amended by No. 68/2016 s. 144(1).

        (d)     forwarded to the Victorian Fisheries Authority.

S. 148(3) amended by No. 68/2016 s. 144(2).

    (3)     The Victorian Fisheries Authority may by notice to the applicant require any further information that the Victorian Fisheries Authority considers is reasonably necessary in any particular case and which must be provided if the application is to be dealt with.

S. 148(4) substituted by No. 5/1997
s. 39(1), amended by No. 68/2016 s. 144(3).

    (4)     If the Victorian Fisheries Authority is of the opinion that the interests of one or more third parties may be adversely affected by the grant of a licence (other than a recreational fishery licence) or a permit that is the subject of a particular application, the Victorian Fisheries Authority may require the applicant to—

S. 148(4)(a) substituted by No. 35/2009
s. 40, amended by No. 68/2016 s. 144(3).

        (a)     undertake consultation as directed by the Victorian Fisheries Authority;

        (b)     advertise the application in a newspaper circulating in the affected area.

    (5)     A newspaper advertisement under subsection (4) must specify the address and a closing date not less than 21 days from the date of the advertisement for objections and comments.

S. 148(6) amended by No. 68/2016 s. 144(4).

    (6)     The Victorian Fisheries Authority must consider any objection or comment received in accordance with this section before granting the relevant licence or permit.

    (7)     An applicant must not give information which is false or misleading.

Penalty:     50 penalty units.

    (8)     It is a defence to a charge for an offence against subsection (7) if the person charged proves that the person believed on reasonable grounds that the information was true and not misleading.

S. 148(9) amended by No. 68/2016 s. 144(5).

    (9)     If an offence against subsection (7) is found proven, and the Victorian Fisheries Authority considers that had the correct information been provided—

S. 148(9)(a) amended by No. 68/2016 s. 144(5).

        (a)     the application would have been refused, the Victorian Fisheries Authority may cancel the licence, permit or other matter and disqualify the person from holding such a licence, permit or other matter for such period as the Victorian Fisheries Authority considers appropriate; or

S. 148(9)(b) amended by No. 68/2016 s. 144(5).

        (b)     the application would have been materially affected, the Victorian Fisheries Authority may amend the licence, permit or other matter.

S. 148(10) amended by Nos 5/1997
s. 39(2)(b)
(i)(ii), 68/2016 s. 144(6).

    (10)     If an applicant for the issue or transfer of a fishery licence or a permit under this Act is charged with an offence the conviction for which would prevent the applicant from satisfying the requirements of this Act, the Victorian Fisheries Authority may defer consideration of the application until the proceedings against the applicant have been determined.

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