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Protected aquatic biota permits

S. 72(1) amended by Nos 5/1997
s. 50(1)(i), 68/2016 s. 91(1).

    (1)     Subject to this Act, the Victorian Fisheries Authority may issue a permit to take, injure, damage, destroy, possess, keep, display for reward, release into Victorian waters or sell protected aquatic biota upon—

        (a)     the application of a person who satisfies the prescribed eligibility criteria; and

        (b)     the payment of any fee payable in respect of the issue of the permit.

S. 72(2) amended by No. 68/2016 s. 91(1).

    (2)     In considering whether to issue a permit the Victorian Fisheries Authority must have regard to—

        (a)     any relevant management plan; or

        (b)     if there is no relevant management plan, the welfare of any relevant fishery or aquatic ecosystem.

S. 72(3) amended by No. 68/2016 s. 91(2)(a).

    (3)     The Victorian Fisheries Authority

S. 72(3)(a) amended by No. 68/2016 s. 91(2)(b).

        (a)     must not issue a permit if the Victorian Fisheries Authority considers that—

S. 72(3)(a)(i) amended by No. 5/1997
s. 50(1)(j).

              (i)     the applicant does not satisfy the relevant eligibility criteria; or

              (ii)     the issue of the permit would be inconsistent with any relevant management plan, or if there is no relevant management plan, would be harmful to the welfare of any relevant fishery or aquatic ecosystem;

S. 72(3)(b) substituted by No. 5/1997
s. 10(2).

        (b)     may refuse to issue a permit if the applicant has been convicted of an offence under this Act, the Fisheries Act 1968 , the Wildlife Act 1975 , the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988 or a law of the Commonwealth or of another State or of a Territory that corresponds to any of those Acts.

S. 72(3)(c) repealed by No. 5/1997
s. 10(2).

    *     *     *     *     *

S. 72(4) amended by Nos 5/1997
s. 10(3), 68/2016 s. 91(3).

    (4)     A permit may be issued for such period not exceeding 3 years as is determined by the Victorian Fisheries Authority.

S. 72(5) amended by No. 68/2016 s. 91(4).

    (5)     The Victorian Fisheries Authority, by notice served on the permit holder, may revoke the permit if the holder has contravened any of the Acts specified in subsection (3)(b) or any of the conditions of the permit.

S. 72(6) amended by No. 68/2016 s. 91(5).

    (6)     Before revoking a permit, the Victorian Fisheries Authority must—

        (a)     give notice of the proposal to the permit holder, specifying—

              (i)     the grounds for the proposed revocation; and

              (ii)     that the person may make written or oral submissions about the matter within 28 days after the date of service of the notice;

        (b)     consider any submissions made in accordance with paragraph (a).

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