Victorian Current Acts

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           Long Title


   1.      Short title  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Definitions  
   4.      Application, construction and repeal provisions  
   5.      Act to bind Crown  


   6.      Construction of Acts  
   7.      Sections to be substantive enactments  
   8.      Amendment or repeal in same session  
   9.      Citation of Acts by number  
   10.     Citation of Acts by title  
   10A.    Construction of power to fix commencement of Act  
   11.     Time of commencement and date of passing of Acts  
   12.     Time of expiry of temporary Acts  
   13.     Exercise of powers between passing and commencement of Act  
   14.     Provision as to effect of repeal etc. of Acts  
   15.     Effect of repeal etc. of amending Act  
   16.     Repeal and re-enactment  
   17.     Construction of references in Acts to other enactments  
   18.     References in Acts to provisions of subordinate instruments  
   19.     Citation of references in Acts  
   20.     Construction of references in Acts to portions of Acts or subordinate instruments  
   21.     Meaning of certain expressions in Acts  
   21A.    Incorporation of amendments  


   22.     Subordinate instruments to be construed subject to legislative power of the State and to empowering Act  
   23.     Construction of subordinate instruments  
   24.     Time of commencement of subordinate instruments  
   25.     Time of expiry of temporary subordinate instruments  
   26.     Exercise of powers between making and commencement of subordinate instruments  
   27.     Implied power to repeal or amend subordinate instruments  
   28.     Provisions as to effect of repeal etc. of subordinate instruments  
   29.     Effect of repeal etc. of amending subordinate instrument  
   30.     Repeal and re-making  
   31.     Construction of references in subordinate instruments to other enactments  
   32.     Prescribing matters by reference to other documents[1]  
   33.     Citation of references in regulations, rules, by-laws and local laws  
   34.     Construction of references in subordinate instruments to portions of subordinate instruments or Acts  


   35.     Principles of and aids to interpretation  
   36.     Headings, Schedules, marginal notes and footnotes  
   36A.    Examples  
   36B.    Location of penalties, examples and notes  
   37.     Gender and number  
   38.     Definitions  
   38AAA.  References to Departments  
   38AA.   References to Australian Standards, etc.  
   38A.    References to Corporations legislation  
   38AB.   References to National Electricity Law  
   38B.    References to Financial Institutions legislation  
   38BA.   References to National Gas Law  
   38D.    References to Friendly Societies legislation  
   38E.    References to Health Practitioner Regulation National Law  
   38EA.   Definition of registered medical practitioner  
   38F.    References to Australian Consumer Law  
   38FA.   References to Rail Safety National Law  
   38G.    References to Education and Care Services National Law  
   38H.    References to Electronic Conveyancing National Law  
   38I.    References to Heavy Vehicle National Law  
   38J.    References to Marine Safety (Domestic Commercial Vessel) National Law  
   38K.    References to Co-operatives National Law  
   38L.    References to the Legal Profession Uniform Law  
   39.     Parts of speech and grammatical forms  
   39A.    Definitions inserted by amending Act or subordinate instrument  
   39B.    Numbering consequential on insertion of new provisions  
   40.     Exercise of powers and performance of duties  
   41.     Power to appoint  
   41AA.   Acting appointments  
   41A.    Power to make instrument includes power to revoke or amend  
   42.     Exercise of delegated powers  
   42A.    Construction of power to delegate  
   43.     Measurement of distances  
   44.     Time  
   45.     Construction of "may" and "shall"  
   46.     References to the Sovereign  
   46A.    Construction of provisions relating to entities representing, or not representing, the Crown  
   47.     Reference to officer in general terms  
   48.     References to officers, localities etc.  
   49.     Service by post  
   50.     Rules of court  
   51.     Provisions as to offences under two or more laws  
   52.     Summary proceedings  
   53.     Strict compliance with prescribed forms not necessary  
   54.     Construction of references to Acts  
   54A.    Style changes  
   55.     Construction of references to British subjects etc.  
   56.     Construction of provisions relating to bankrupt or insolvent members of public bodies  
   57.     Application of laws of Victoria in certain off-shore areas[4]  
   58.     Declaration of validity of certain laws  
   59.     Transitional provision—Interpretation of Legislation (Further Amendment) Act 2006  


   60.     Definitions  
   61.     Effect of Part  
   62.     Authorisation of electronic version  
   63.     Printed copy of authorised electronic version  
   64.     Evidentiary provisions  
           SCHEDULE 1

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