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Residents' register

A licensee under a general licence, a late night (general) licence, an on‑premises licence or a late night (on‑premises) licence relating to licensed premises where accommodation for residents is provided—

S. 100(a) amended by No. 58/2011 s. 104(Sch. item 4.145(a)).

        (a)     must keep a residents' register in a form approved by the Commission;

S. 100(b) amended by No. 58/2011 s. 104(Sch. item 4.145(a)).

        (b)     must cause to be entered in the register the particulars determined by the Commission relating to residents of the licensed premises;

        (c)     must keep the register on the licensed premises;

S. 100(d) amended by No. 92/2004 s. 24(a).

        (d)     must not make or cause or permit to be made in the register any false or misleading entry;

S. 100(e) inserted by No. 92/2004 s. 24(b), amended by Nos 8/2009 s. 14, 58/2011 s. 104(Sch. item 4.145(b)), 37/2014 s. 10(Sch. item 96.5).

        (e)     must produce the register for inspection if asked to do so by a police officer or a gambling and liquor inspector.

Penalty:     10 penalty units.

Note to s. 100 inserted by No. 13/2013 s. 29(2).


Section 53A applies to an offence against this section.

S. 101 amended by No. 57/2010 s. 16.

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