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Procedure on application for variation by Chief Commissioner or licensing inspector

If the Chief Commissioner or a licensing inspector applies to the Commission for a variation of a licence or BYO permit

S. 30(a) substituted by No. 92/2004 s. 16(a), amended by No. 58/2011 s. 104(Sch. item 4.62

        (a)     the Commission must, not later than 14 days after the application is received by the Commission, give a copy of the application—

              (i)     to the licensee or permittee; and

S. 30(a)(ii) amended by No. 58/2011 s. 104(Sch. item 4.62(c)).

              (ii)     to the owner, and any mortgagee registered with the Commission, of the licensed premises;

S. 30(b) substituted by No. 92/2004 s. 16(a), amended by No. 58/2011 s. 104(Sch. item 4.62(d)).

        (b)     the licensee or permittee may, within 21 days after receiving the copy of the application, object to the application by giving notice in writing to the Commission of the objection and the grounds for objecting;

S. 30(c) amended by Nos 92/2004 s. 16(b), 58/2011 s. 104(Sch. item 4.63).

        (c)     the Commission must give a copy of any notice under paragraph (b) to the Chief Commissioner or the inspector within 7 days after the Commission receives the notice.

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