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Criminal liability of officers of bodies corporate—accessorial liability

    (1)     If a body corporate commits an offence against a provision specified in subsection (2) or a body corporate is under section 106A(3) liable for such an offence, an officer of the body corporate also commits an offence against the provision if the officer

        (a)     authorised or permitted the commission of the offence by the body corporate; or

        (b)     was knowingly concerned in any way (whether by act or omission) in the commission of the offence by the body corporate.

    (2)     For the purposes of subsection (1), the following provisions are specified—

        (a)     section 54(11);

        (b)     section 99;

        (c)     section 99A(1);

        (d)     section 100;

        (e)     section 101;

        (f)     section 101A(3);

        (g)     section 101B(1) and (2);

        (h)     section 102(1) and (2);

              (i)     section 103(1) and (2);

        (j)     section 103A(2);

        (k)     section 105(1);

        (l)     section 106B;

        (m)     section 106K(1), (2), (4) and (5);

        (n)     section 108(1);

        (o)     section 108AD(2);

        (p)     section 108AE(2);

S. 53A(2)(pa) inserted by No. 20/2018 s. 22.

        (pa)     section 108AE(3);

        (q)     section 108B(1);

        (r)     section 109(1);

        (s)     section 115(1);

        (t)     section 122(1);

        (u)     section 148Q(1);

              (v)     section 148ZA;

        (w)     section 148ZL(1).

    (3)     Without limiting any other defence available to the officer, an officer of a body corporate may rely on a defence that would be available to the body corporate if it were charged with the offence with which the officer is charged and, in doing so, the officer bears the same burden of proof that the body corporate would bear.

    (4)     An officer of a body corporate may commit an offence against a provision specified in subsection (2) whether or not the body corporate has been prosecuted for, or found guilty of, an offence against that provision.

    (5)     In this section—

"body corporate "has the same meaning as corporation has in section 57A of the Corporations Act;

"officer "in relation to a body corporate means—

        (a)     a person who is an officer (as defined by section 9 of the Corporations Act) of the body corporate; or

        (b)     a person (other than a person referred to in paragraph (a)), by whatever name called, who is concerned in, or takes part in, the management of the body corporate.

S. 53A(6) substituted by No. 20/2015 s. 56(Sch. 1 item 9).

    (6)     This section does not affect the operation of Subdivision (1) of Division 1 of Part II of the Crimes Act 1958 .

    (7)     This section does not apply at any time when a nominee of the body corporate is in place under section 54.

    (8)     Nothing in subsection (7) affects or limits the application of Part 6.

S. 53B inserted by No. 13/2013 s. 27.

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