Victorian Current Acts

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           Division 1--General

   1.      Purposes of Act  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Definitions  
   4.      Objects of Act  
   5.      Act binds the Crown  
   6.      Extraterritorial application  

           Division 2--Core concepts

   7.      Meaning of provides labour hire services—general definition  
   8.      Meaning of provides labour hire services—certain recruitment and placement services and contractor management services  
   9.      Meaning of worker  
   10.     Exceptions to when a person provides labour hire services  
   11.     Exceptions to when an individual is a worker  
   12.     Regulations may deal with certain matters  


   13.     Licence required to provide labour hire services  
   14.     Licence required to advertise provision of labour hire services  
   15.     Prohibition on entering into an arrangement for labour hire services with an unlicensed provider  
   16.     Prohibition on avoidance arrangements  


           Division 1--Applications

   17.     Person may apply for a licence  
   18.     Persons who cannot make a valid application  
   19.     Required information for applications  
   20.     Application may be withdrawn  
   21.     Authority may require applicant to give further information  

           Division 2--When a person is a fit and proper person

   22.     Fit and proper person  

           Division 3--Declarations relating to compliance with legal obligations

   23.     Compliance with legal obligations  

           Division 4--Grant, duration and renewal of licences

   24.     Grant and refusal to grant a licence  
   25.     Notification of grant or refusal to grant a licence  
   26.     Licence period  
   27.     Licence is not transferable  
   28.     Application for renewal of a licence  
   29.     Renewal and refusal of application to renew a licence  
   30.     Application may be withdrawn  
   31.     Authority may require applicant to give further information  

           Division 5--Objections to applications

   32.     Objection to application  

           Division 6--Conditions and notices to comply

   33.     Licence conditions  
   34.     Licence condition relating to information that must be provided annually  
   35.     Annual licence fee  
   35A.    Waiver, reduction or refund of fees  
   36.     Holder of a licence must comply with licence conditions  
   37.     Authority may give the holder of a licence a notice to comply  

           Division 7--Variation, suspension and cancellation

   38.     Variation of licence  
   39.     Suspension of licence  
   40.     Cancellation of licence—general  
   41.     Cancellation of licence on request  
   42.     Show cause notice before variation or cancellation  

           Division 8--Obligations of holders of licences

   43.     Licence holder to notify of certain changes  
   44.     Licence holder to notify of prescribed changes  
   45.     Licence holder to take reasonable steps to ensure availability of nominated officers  
   46.     Offence not to produce licence  

           Division 9--Authority may require information of applicants etc.

   47.     Authority may conduct inquiries and require further information or consent to disclosure of information  

           Division 10--Register of Licensed Labour Hire Providers and publication matters

   48.     Authority must maintain a Register of Licensed Labour Hire Providers  
   49.     Publication of certain information permitted  


           Division 1--Labour Hire Licensing Authority

   50.     Labour Hire Licensing Authority  
   51.     Functions and powers of Authority  
   52.     Power to delegate  
   53.     Staff  
   54.     Ministerial directions  

           Division 2--Labour Hire Licensing Commissioner

   55.     Appointment of Labour Hire Licensing Commissioner  
   56.     Terms and conditions of appointment  
   57.     Vacancy and resignation  
   58.     Removal from office  
   59.     Acting appointment  
   60.     Functions and powers of Commissioner  
   61.     Validity of acts and decisions  
   62.     Immunity for carrying out functions  
   63.     Guiding principles of the Commissioner  


           Division 1--Preliminary

   64.     Appointment of inspectors  
   65.     Identity cards  
   66.     Inspectors subject to Authority's directions  

           Division 2--Inspection of documents and records

   67.     Documents to be available for inspection  
   68.     Powers on production of documents  
   69.     Where must documents be produced?  
   70.     Order requiring supply of information and answers to questions  
   71.     Service of documents  

           Division 3--Entry, search and seizure

   72.     Entry or search with consent  
   73.     Entry of premises open to the public  
   74.     Entry without consent or warrant  
   75.     Search warrants  
   76.     Form and content of search warrants  
   77.     Announcement before entry  
   78.     Seizure of things not described in the warrant  
   79.     Embargo notice  
   80.     Inspector may monitor compliance with embargo notice  
   81.     Search warrants in relation to embargo notice  
   82.     Retention and return of seized documents or things  
   83.     Magistrates' Court may extend 3-month period  
   84.     Requirement to assist inspector during entry  

           Division 4--Other matters

   85.     Other assistance in exercising powers  
   86.     Prohibition of threats, discrimination etc. against a person  
   87.     Offence to give false or misleading information  
   88.     Offences in relation to inspections  
   89.     Confidentiality  
   90.     Infringements  
   91.     Protection against self-incrimination  
   92.     Complaints  


   93.     Civil action for contraventions  
   94.     Civil penalty provisions  
   95.     Persons involved in contravening civil penalty provision  
   96.     Recovery of a pecuniary penalty  
   97.     Civil proceedings after criminal proceedings  
   98.     Criminal proceedings during civil proceedings  
   99.     Criminal proceedings after civil proceedings  
   100.    Evidence given in proceedings for pecuniary penalty order not admissible in criminal proceedings  
   101.    Contravening a civil penalty provision is not an offence  


           Division 1--Review by VCAT

   102.    Application for review of certain decisions by VCAT  

           Division 2--Secrecy provision

   103.    Secrecy provision  

           Division 3--Matters relating to proceedings

   104.    Who may commence proceedings?  
   105.    Extension of time for prosecutions  
   106.    Responsible agency for the Crown  
   107.    Proceedings against successors to public bodies  

           Division 4--Guidelines

   108.    Authority may issue guidelines  

           Division 5--Codes of Practice

   109.    Codes of Practice  

           Division 6--Other matters

   110.    Conduct of officers, employees and agents of bodies corporate  
   111.    Authority may rely on licence, approval etc. under prescribed law or scheme  
   112.    Interstate licensees may be registered  
   113.    Review of Act  

           Division 7--Regulations

   114.    Regulations  

           Division 8--Labour Hire Licensing Authority Account

   115.    Establishment of Labour Hire Licensing Authority Account  


   116.    Definitions  
   117.    No contravention of Part 2 during transition period or later if application on foot  
   118.    Licence period—transitional  
   119.    Information to be provided with application  


   120.    Transitional provision—Industrial Relations Legislation Amendment Act 2021  

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