Victorian Current Acts

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   1.      Purpose  
   2.      Objectives  
   2A.     Principles of sustainable development  
   3.      Commencement  
   4.      Definitions  
   5.      Act to bind the Crown  
   5AA.    Application of this Act  
   5AB.    Application of this Act to Alcoa land  
   5ABA.   Leased area  
   5A.     Interaction of this Act with native title legislation  
   6.      Land not available for exploration, mining and searching  
   6AA.    Land not available for searching for stone  
   6A.     Extent of application of licences and authorities under this Act to Deep Lead Nature Conservation Reserve (No. 2)  
   7.      Minister may exempt land from being subject to a licence  
   7A.     Minister may declare meaning of graticular section  
   7B.     Ministers may declare low impact exploration activity  
   7C.     Ministerial Order declaring specified mines and quarries  
   8.      Offence to search for minerals or do work without authority  
   8AA.    Offence to search for stone without consent  
   8AB.    Offence to carry on extractive industry without authority  
   8AC.    Offence to carry out exploration or mining of coal seam gas  
   8AD.    Offence to carry out hydraulic fracturing  
   8A.     Aerial surveys permitted without licence  
   9.      Ownership of minerals  
   10.     Tailings  
   11.     Transfer of property in minerals  
   11A.    Ownership of stone  
   12.     Royalties  
   12A.    Royalties for lignite  


           Division 1--General licence provisions

   13.     Exploration licences  
   14.     Mining licences  
   14A.    Licence may be limited to stratum of land  
   14B.    Prospecting licences  
   14BA.   Holder of prospecting licence must not dispose of tailings contrary to Minister's consent  
   14C.    Retention licences  

           Division 2--Licence process

   14AB.   Application of this Division  
   15.     Application for a licence  
   16.     Applicant for licence—fit and proper person  
   16A.    Application for mining licence or retention licence where exploration licence or prospecting licence covers same land  
   16B.    Application for mining licence where retention licence covers same land  
   17.     Application not transferable  
   18.     Notice of applications with the highest ranking  
   19.     Withdrawal of application  
   23.     Ranking of applications  
   24.     Objections to licence  
   24A.    Comments on licence  
   25.     Grant or refusal of licence  
   25A.    Waiver of exploration licence holder's consent  
   26.     Grant of licence  
   26AAA.  Transfer of consents and approvals to undertake work  

           Division 3--Licence process for direct allocation of licences relating to coal

   26AA.   Definition  
   26AB.   Licence applications under Division to be in respect of exempted land  
   26AC.   Who may apply for a licence under this Subdivision?  
   26AD.   Application procedure  
   26AE.   Application of Act to licence application  
   26AF.   Grant or refusal of licence  
   26AG.   Revocation of exemption over licence land  
   26AH.   Minister must publish notice  
   26AI.   Application of Act to licence  
   26AJ.   Application procedure  
   26AK.   Notification and advertising requirements  
   26AL.   Application of Act to licence application  
   26AM.   Grant or refusal of licence  
   26AN.   Minister must publish reasons for refusal to grant licence  
   26AO.   Revocation of exemption over licence land  
   26AP.   Minister must publish notice  
   26AQ.   Application of Act to licence  

           Division 3A--Survey of land proposed to be covered by mining licence, prospecting licence or retention licence

   26AR.   Applicant to survey boundary of land  
   26AS.   Authority to enter land  
   26AT.   Offence not to show authority  
   26AU.   Security  
   26AV.   Insurance  

           Division 4--Requirements if agricultural land covered by mining licence or prospecting licence

   26A.    Statement of economic significance if agricultural land covered by licence  
   26B.    Excision of agricultural land from a licence  
   26C.    Notice of excision dispute  
   26D.    Resolution of excision disputes  
   26E.    Offence to divulge details of a statement of economic significance  

           Division 5--Tenders for licences

   27.     Tendering process  
   27A.    Acceptance of tender  
   27B.    Advertising and notice requirements  
   27C.    Consultation and notification requirements  
   27D.    Application of provisions to tenders  
   27E.    Minister may not accept any tenders  

           Division 6--Renewals of licences

   29.     Application for renewal of licence  
   31.     Renewals of licences  
   32.     Period of renewal  

           Division 7--Changes to licences

   33.     Transfer of licence  
   33A.    Transfer of land from one mining licence to another  
   33B.    Mining licence may be split and transferred  
   34.     Variation of licence  
   35.     Combined conditions  
   36.     Amalgamation of licences  
   36A.    Expedited procedure for replacement of invalidated title  

           Division 8--Surrender and cancellation of licences

   37.     Surrender of licence  
   38.     Cancellation of licence  
   38A.    Decrease in area under exploration licence  

           Division 9--Mine stability levy for Latrobe Valley

   38AAA.  Definitions  
   38AAB.  Mine stability levy imposed  
   38AAC.  Who is liable for mine stability levy?  
   38AAD.  Amount of the mine stability levy  
   38AAE.  When and how is the mine stability levy to be paid?  


   39.     Work must be approved  
   39A.    Licensee's duty to consult with community  
   40.     Work plan  
   40A.    Work plan—approval  
   41.     Application for variation of work plan  
   41AA.   Department Head may direct licensee to lodge application for variation of work plan  
   41AAB.  Approval of variation of work plan  
   41A.    Minister may require impact statement  
   41AB.   Reporting requirements for declared mines  
   41AC.   Chief Inspector to be notified of reportable events in relation to exploration or mining  
   41AD.   Licensee to submit area work plan schedule  
   41AE.   Variation application must be made if mine is declared  
   42.     Commencement of work under mining licence or prospecting licence  
   42A.    Planning permits not required for some work variations  
   43.     Commencement of work under exploration licence or retention licence  
   43A.    Effect of contraventions  
   43B.    Certain consents etc. not required in case of unrestricted Crown land  
   44.     Particular consents etc. required  
   45.     Prohibition of work near dwellings and certain places and sites  
   45A.    Certain exploration and mining work complies with section 45  
   46.     Minister may authorise work near dwelling house  
   47.     New consent or authorisation for certain work plan variations  
   47A.    Management of worksites  


           Division 1--Appointment of panels

   54A.    Appointment of advisory panels  
   54B.    Composition of panel  
   54C.    Chairperson  
   54D.    Terms of reference  
   54E.    Terms and conditions of appointment  

           Division 2--Procedure of panels

   54F.    Procedure of panel  
   54G.    Directions about hearings  
   54H.    Hearings to be in public  
   54I.    Procedure for hearing submissions  
   54J.    Adjournment of hearings  
   54K.    Panel may regulate its own proceedings  
   54L.    Panel may take into account any relevant matter  
   54M.    Report of panel  


           Division 1--Miner's rights

   55.     Miner's right  
   56.     Who may grant a miner's right  
   57.     Grant of miner's right  
   58.     Obligations of holder  

           Division 2--Tourist fossicking authorities

   59.     Tourist fossicking authority  
   60.     Application for tourist fossicking authority  
   61.     Grant or refusal of tourist fossicking authority  
   62.     Obligations of holder  


   69.     Functions of Department Head regarding mining register  
   70.     Effect of registration  
   71.     Creation etc. of interests in licences  
   72.     Devolution of rights of licensee  
   73.     Correction of register  
   74.     Disclosure of registered information  
   75.     Survey standards  
   76.     Evidence  
   77.     Offences  


           Division 1--Searching for stone

   77A.    Consent to search for stone on certain land  
   77B.    Depth restriction on searching for stone on land adjacent to waterways or water infrastructure  
   77C.    Notice of proposed searching for stone on land on which there are roads etc.  

           Division 2--Work plans and extractive industry work authorities

   77G.    Work plan  
   77H.    Application for variation of work plan  
   77HA.   Department Head may direct holder to lodge application for variation of work plan  
   77HB.   Approval of variation of work plan  
   77HC.   Planning permits not required for some work variations  
   77I.    Extractive industry work authorities  
   77J.    Conditions of extractive industry work authorities  
   77K.    Extractive industry work authority holder's duty to consult with community  
   77KA.   Chief Inspector to be notified of reportable events in relation to quarries  
   77KB.   Variation application must be made if quarry is declared  
   77L.    Period of extractive industry work authority  
   77M.    Variation of an extractive industry work authority  
   77N.    Transfer of an extractive industry work authority  
   77O.    Cancellation of an extractive industry work authority  
   77OA.   Surrender of an extractive industry work authority  

           Division 3--Managers

   77Q.    Manager must be appointed  

           Division 4--Planning requirements

   77R.    Powers to amend planning scheme  
   77S.    Land subject to a licence under Part 2  
   77T.    Environment Effects Statement  


   77TA.   Definitions  
   77TB.   Application of Part  
   77TC.   Giving of work plan or variation to approved work plan for statutory endorsement  
   77TD.   Department Head may endorse work plan or variation to approved work plan  
   77TE.   Department Head must give work plan or variation application to referral authority  
   77TF.   Referral authority must consider work plan and variation of approved work plan  
   77TG.   Interrelationship with the Planning and Environment Act 1987  


   77TI.   Review by Tribunal  
   77TJ.   Application for review  
   77U.    Definitions  
   78.     Licensee must rehabilitate land  
   78A.    Holder of extractive industry work authority must rehabilitate land  
   79.     Rehabilitation plan  
   79A.    Rehabilitation liability assessment  
   80.     Rehabilitation bond  
   81.     Rehabilitation  
   81A.    Certification that land has been rehabilitated  
   82.     Return of bond if rehabilitation satisfactory  
   83.     Minister may carry out rehabilitation  
   83A.    Payment of bond into Declared Mine Fund on cancellation of licence  
   84.     Payment out of Consolidated Fund  


           Division 1--Preliminary

   84AA.   Definitions  
   84AB.   Meaning of public sector body  
   84AC.   Meaning of regulatory framework  

           Division 2--Establishment of Rehabilitation Authority and the Board

   84AD.   Mine Land Rehabilitation Authority  
   84AE.   Objectives of the Rehabilitation Authority  
   84AF.   Rehabilitation Authority powers relating to property  
   84AG.   Board of Rehabilitation Authority  
   84AH.   Appointment of members of the Board  
   84AI.   Remuneration  
   84AJ.   Terms and conditions of appointment  
   84AK.   Acting appointment  
   84AKA.  Resignation  
   84AKB.  Removal from office  
   84AKC.  Chairperson of the Board  
   84AKD.  Deputy chairperson of the Board  

           Division 3--Functions and powers

   84AL.   Functions and powers of the Rehabilitation Authority  
   84AM.   Rehabilitation Authority to have regard to objective, regional rehabilitation strategy and regulatory framework  
   84AN.   Staff to be provided  
   84AO.   Assistance to be provided by the Department Head  
   84AP.   Assistance to be provided by a public sector body and a declared mine licensee  

           Division 4--Investigations by the Rehabilitation Authority

   84AQ.   Minister may refer a matter for investigation to the Rehabilitation Authority  
   84AR.   Power of entry and inspection without consent  
   84AS.   Occupier or apparent occupier of land must assist authorised officer to enter  
   84AT.   Occupier or apparent occupier of land must assist authorised officer to inspect  
   84AU.   Authorised officers under this Division  
   84AV.   Authorised officer's identity cards  

           Division 5--Giving of documents or other things

   84AW.   Giving of documents or other things to the Rehabilitation Authority by declared mine licensees  
   84AX.   Giving of documents or other things to the Rehabilitation Authority by public sector bodies  
   84AY.   Confidentiality of document or other thing given under a notice  

           Division 6--Information gathering by the Rehabilitation Authority

   84AZ.   Definition  
   84AZA.  Notice requiring documents or information from public sector body  
   84AZB.  Notice requiring documents or information from declared mine licensee  

           Division 7--Monitoring framework

   84AZC.  Rehabilitation Authority must prepare monitoring framework  
   84AZD.  Making the monitoring framework  
   84AZE.  Amendment of monitoring framework  
   84AZF.  Making an amendment to the monitoring framework  

           Division 8--Reports and reviews of the Rehabilitation Authority

   84AZG.  Report of referral investigation  
   84AZH.  Annual report of Rehabilitation Authority  
   84AZI.  Consultation  
   84AZJ.  Reports to the Minister  
   84AZK.  Rehabilitation Authority review of research plans of declared mine licensee  

           Division 9--Protections for persons acting under this Part

   84AZL.  Protection against self-incrimination  


   84AZM.  Minister must prepare a strategy for the rehabilitation of coal mine land  
   84AZN.  Publication of regional rehabilitation strategy  
   84AZO.  Review of regional rehabilitation strategy  
   84AZP.  Amendment of regional rehabilitation strategy  
   84AZQ.  Publication of amendment to regional rehabilitation strategy  
   84AZR.  Minister must consult  


           Division 1--Preliminary

   84AZS.  Definitions  
   84AZT.  Ministerial direction—declared mine land  

           Division 2--Declared mine rehabilitation plans

   84AZU.  Declared mine licensee to prepare plan for rehabilitation of land  
   84AZV.  Department Head to consider plan for rehabilitation of declared mine land  
   84AZW.  Application for variation of declared mine rehabilitation plan  
   84AZX.  Department Head may direct declared mine licensee to apply for variation of declared mine rehabilitation plan  

           Division 3--Closure of mine, registration of declared mine land and post-closure plan

   84AZY.  Application for determination that closure criteria have been met  
   84AZZ.  Consideration of application that closure criteria have been met  
   84AZZA. Determination of application—closure criteria  
   84AZZB. Closure criteria for declared mine land met  
   84AZZC. Registration of declared mine land  

           Division 4--Registered post-closure plans recorded and transfer of registered mine land

   84AZZD. Registered post-closure plan recorded on title  
   84AZZE. Removal of registered post-closure plan from title  
   84AZZF. Transfer of registered mine land to Rehabilitation Authority  

           Division 5--Declared Mine Fund

   84AZZG. Declared Mine Fund  
   84AZZH. Payments into the Fund  
   84AZZI. Payments out of the Fund  
   84AZZJ. Delegation of power to authorise payments  

           Division 6--Monitoring and maintenance of registered mine land

   84AZZK. Functions and powers of the Rehabilitation Authority—registered mine land  

           Division 7--Register of declared mine land

   84AZZL. Register of declared mine land  
   84AZZM. Removal of registered mine land from the Register  


           --Division 1―General

   84A.    Application of this Division  
   85.     What compensation is payable for  
   85A.    What compensation is payable for—Crown land  
   86.     When a claim can be made  
   87.     Compensation agreement  
   88.     Determination of compensation disputes  
   88A.    Determination of disputes—Crown land  
   89.     Limit on total amount of compensation  
   89AB.   Measure of compensation payable under section 89AA  


   89A.    Power to make Codes of Practice  
   89B.    Variation and revocation of Code of Practice  
   89C.    Advertising of draft Code of Practice, variation or revocation  
   89D.    Consideration of submissions  
   89E.    How is a Code of Practice made?  
   89F.    Availability of Code of Practice  
   89G.    Code of Practice  
   89H.    Use of Code of Practice in proceedings  


           Division 1--Employment of inspectors

   90.     Employment of inspectors  
   91.     Delegation by Chief Inspector  
   92.     Identity cards  

           Division 2--Performance of functions or exercise of powers

   93.     Inspectors subject to Department Head's directions  

           Division 3--Powers relating to entry

   94.     Power to enter  
   95.     General powers on entry  
   95A.    Power to require production of documents etc.  
   95B.    Power to take samples  

           Division 4--Procedure relating to entry

   95C.    Announcement on entry  
   95D.    Report to be given about entry  

           Division 5--Search warrants

   95E.    Definition  
   95F.    Issue of search warrants  
   95G.    Announcement before entry on warrant  
   95H.    Copy of warrant to be given to occupier  

           Division 6--Limitation on entry powers

   95I.    Places used for residential purposes  

           Division 7--Return and forfeiture of seized things

   95J.    Return of seized things  
   95K.    Forfeiture of seized things  

           Division 8--Other powers

   95L.    Power to require name and address  
   95M.    Power to give directions  

           Division 9--Other matters

   95N.    Occupier must assist inspector  
   95O.    Other assistance in exercising powers  
   95P.    Inspector may take affidavits  
   95Q.    Inspector may copy documents  

           Division 10--Offences

   95R.    Offences in relation to inspections  

           Division 11--Protection of privileges

   95S.    Protection against self-incrimination  
   95T.    Legal professional privilege and client legal privilege not affected  


   96.     Appointment of mining wardens  
   97.     Disputes  
   98.     Matters referred to mining warden  
   99.     Powers of mining warden  
   100.    Conduct of hearing  
   101.    Evidence not admissible in other proceedings  
   102.    Validity of acts or decisions  
   103.    Discontinuance of investigation  
   104.    Costs  
   105.    Annual report  


           Division 1--Definitions

   105A.   Definitions  

           Division 2--Infringements

   106.    Infringements  

           Division 3--Enforceable undertakings

   107.    Enforceable undertakings  
   108.    Offence to contravene an undertaking  

           Division 4--Remedial notices and orders and enforcement orders

   110.    Notice requiring authority holder to take action or stop work  
   110AA.  Injunction for non-compliance with notice  
   110AB.  Minister may take action required by injunction or order  
   110AC.  Offence to hinder or obstruct remedial action  
   110AD.  Immunity for remedial action  
   110AE.  Compensation for remedial action  
   110AF.  When claim for compensation for remedial action can be made  
   110AG.  Recovery of costs and compensation by Minister  
   110A.   Enforcement order  
   110B.   Notice requiring owner of registered mine land to take action or stop work  
   110C.   Review of decision to issue notice to owner of registered mine land  

           Division 5--General

   111.    Offences by corporations  
   111A.   Default penalties  


   112.    Surveys, searches and drilling operations  
   112A.   Minister may require review of economic viability of mining of minerals to which a retention licence applies  
   113.    Discovery of uranium or thorium to be reported  
   113A.   Discovery of coal seam gas to be reported  
   114.    Abandoned plant becomes property of the Crown  
   115.    Occupiers liability  
   116.    Licensee must supply information  
   116A.   Holder of extractive industry work authority or consent to supply information  
   117.    Obtaining licence or other authority dishonestly  
   118.    Pecuniary interests  
   119.    Secrecy  
   120.    Delegation  
   120A.   Ministerial guidelines  
   121.    Immunity  
   121A.   State liability  
   121B.   Minister may pay for surrender of licences  
   122.    Service of documents  
   123.    Supreme Court—limitation of jurisdiction  
   124.    Regulations  


   127.    Validation of existing titles  
   129.    Savings and transitionals  
   130.    Saving and transitional provisions—2000 amendments  
   131.    Saving and transitional provisions—2001 amendments  
   132.    Transitional provision—2005 amendments  
   133.    Validation of certain exploration and mining work—2006 amendments  
   134.    Change of title provision—2006 amendments  
   135.    Transitional provision—2006 amendments  
   135A.   Transitional provision—2010 amendments abolishing the Mining and Environment Advisory Committee  
   136.    Saving and transitional provisions—2009 amendments  
   137.    Savings and transitional provisions—2010 amendments  
   138.    Transitional provision—2012 amendments  
   139.    Savings and transitional provisions—2014 amendments  
   140.    Savings and transitional provisions—Resources Legislation Amendment (BTEX Prohibition and Other Matters) Act 2014  
   141.    Transitional provision—Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) Amendment Act 2019  
   142.    Transitional provisions—Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) Amendment Act 2019  
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           SCHEDULE 3
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           SCHEDULE 4A
           SCHEDULE 5
           SCHEDULE 6
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