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Resolution by ballot

S. 86(1) repealed by No. 4/2021 s. 41(1).

    *     *     *     *     *

    (2)     A resolution of the owners corporation by ballot is made as follows—

        (a)     matters requiring an ordinary resolution must be passed by a majority of the votes returned by the closing date but the number of votes returned must be not less than the number needed for a quorum in accordance with section 77 ;

        (b)     other matters must be passed by a special resolution or unanimous resolution, as appropriate.

Note to s. 86(2) inserted by No. 4/2021 s. 41(2).


Section 88 provides for the manner in which a lot owner may vote on a resolution of the owners corporation by ballot.

    (3)     If a ballot is arranged by a person nominated by lot owners, the lot owners must give the owners corporation all information necessary to enable it to keep records of the ballot.

Pt 4 Div. 6 (Heading and ss 8789) amended by Nos 2/2008 s. 16, 36/2011 s. 7, substituted as Pt 4 Div. 6 (Heading and ss 8789H) by No. 4/2021 s. 42.

Division 6—Voting

S. 87 substituted by No. 4/2021 s. 42.

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