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Application for work‑bid greenhouse gas assessment permit—advertising of blocks

    (1)     The Minister may, by notice published in the Government Gazette—

        (a)     invite applications for the grant of a greenhouse gas assessment permit over the block, or any or all of the blocks, specified in the notice; and

        (b)     specify a period within which applications may be made.

    (2)     If the Minister has published a notice under section 306(1) inviting applications for the grant of a greenhouse gas assessment permit over a block, the block must not be specified in a notice under subsection (1) of this section at any time during the period specified in the section 306(1) notice.


Section 306(1) deals with cash‑bid greenhouse gas assessment permits.

    (3)     An application under this section must be accompanied by details of—

        (a)     the applicant's proposals for work and expenditure in relation to the block or blocks specified in the application; and

        (b)     the technical qualifications of the applicant and of the applicant's employees; and

        (c)     the technical advice available to the applicant; and

        (d)     the financial resources available to the applicant.


1     Part 3.8 contains additional provisions about application procedures.

2     Section 459 requires the application to be accompanied by an application fee.

3     Section 461 enables the Minister to require the applicant to give further information.

    (4)     The blocks specified in an application under this section must be blocks that are constituted by graticular sections that—

        (a)     constitute a single area; and

        (b)     are such that each graticular section in that area has a side in common with at least one other graticular section in that area.

    (5)     Subsection (4) does not apply to applications if the Minister, for reasons that the Minister thinks sufficient, includes in the subsection (1) notice a direction that subsection (4) does not apply to those applications.

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