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Employment of electorate officers

S. 30(1) amended by No. 37/2013 s. 12(1).

    (1)     The presiding officers, acting jointly, may, on behalf of the Crown, employ as an electorate officer to assist a member of Parliament, a person nominated by that member.

S. 30(2) amended by No. 37/2013 s. 12(2).

    (2)     The employment of a person under subsection (1) must be under an agreement in writing and is subject to any terms and conditions that are determined for the time being by the presiding officers, acting jointly.

    (3)     The Public Administration Act 2004 does not apply to a person employed under this Part.

S. 30(4) inserted by No. 37/2013 s. 12(3).

    (4)     Despite subsection (2), the duties and responsibilities of a person employed as an electorate officer are to be determined by the member who nominated that person.

S. 30(5) inserted by No. 5/2019 s. 84.

    (5)     Despite subsection (4), the member who nominated a person to be employed as an electorate officer must not determine that the person can, should or must perform a party specific activity.

S. 30(6) inserted by No. 5/2019 s. 84.

    (6)     For the purposes of this section, party specific activity means any activity for the dominant purpose of directing how a person should vote at an election, by promoting or opposing—

        (a)     the election of any candidate at the election; or

        (b)     a registered political party; or

        (c)     an elected member.

S. 30A inserted by No. 37/2013 s. 13.

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