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Road barriers

    (1)     Without limiting, but for better enabling the exercise by an inspector of an inspector's powers under this Part to stop, detain and enter any vehicle, the Minister may cause to be erected and maintained or placed on or near any public highway—

        (a)     any road barrier capable of being closed, lowered or placed upon or across the public highway or any part of it in the path of any vehicle travelling on the highway;

        (b)     notices, signs, lights and other devices to warn users of the highway of the presence upon the highway—

              (i)     of any road barrier; or

              (ii)     of any inspector exercising an inspector's powers of stopping and entering any vehicle.

    (2)     Despite any Act or law to the contrary, the operation by any inspector, or by any person under the direct supervision and control of any inspector, of any road barrier and the placing by any inspector or any such person of any notice, sign, light or other device purporting to be erected, maintained or placed under subsection (1) upon or across any public highway or any part of a highway is not an unlawful obstruction of or interference with the public highway or the use of the highway.

    (3)     In this section, "Act" does not include the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities.

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