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Role and functions of the Secretary

    (1)     For the purposes of this Act, the role of the Secretary is to—

        (a)     initiate, support and manage public health planning processes at the state level;

        (b)     develop and implement policies and programs to achieve the objective of this Act;

        (c)     perform the functions and exercise the powers conferred on the Secretary under this Act or any other Act, or the regulations made under this or any other Act;

        (d)     administer this Act in accordance with the objectives and guiding principles specified in this Act.

    (2)     Without limiting the generality of subsection (1), the Secretary has the following functions—

        (a)     to promote awareness and understanding of public health and wellbeing issues within the community;

        (b)     to develop public health and wellbeing policies;

        (c)     to assist persons who have an impact on public health to enhance opportunities for protecting public health;

        (d)     to support, equip and empower communities to address local public health issues and needs;

        (e)     to establish and maintain a comprehensive information system which includes information in respect of—

              (i)     the health status of persons and classes of persons in Victoria, including information about the extent and effects of disease, illness, injury, disability or premature death;

              (ii)     the determinants of individual health and public health and wellbeing;

              (iii)     the effectiveness of health interventions to improve public health in Victoria;

        (f)     to make recommendations and reports to the Minister with respect to matters relating to public health and wellbeing and to advise the Minister on the operation of this Act and the regulations.

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