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Assistance by police officers

    (1)     Without limiting section 165BC, 192 or 202, if a request for assistance is made of a police officer in relation to the exercise of a power under this Act and it is reasonably necessary to assist an authorised officer in exercising the power, the police officer may provide assistance by doing one or more of the following—

        (a)     effecting warrantless entry into premises pursuant to a specific request from an authorised officer;

        (b)     compelling a person to provide the person's name, address and any other information;

        (c)     using reasonable force.

    (2)     Without limiting subsection (1)(c), a police officer may use reasonable force to detain a person under or for the purposes of Part 8A, and to take that person to—

        (a)     a place where the person is to be detained; or

        (b)     a place where the person is required to be under a pandemic order or under a direction given in the exercise of a pandemic management power.

    (3)     Despite subsections (1)(c) and (2), those subsections do not permit a police officer to exercise reasonable force to assist in the exercise of a power to require a person to undertake an examination, test, pharmacological treatment or prophylaxis.

Division 5—Costs

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