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COVID-19 Quarantine Victoria may obtain contact details required

    (1)     COVID-19 Quarantine Victoria may request a prescribed body to provide it with the contact details of a person liable to pay fees under section 257 if COVID-19 Quarantine Victoria—

        (a)     requires those details to give the person an invoice under section 258; and

        (b)     has made reasonable attempts to obtain those details from the person directly; and

        (c)         despite its reasonable attempts, has not obtained those details.

    (2)     A prescribed body may provide COVID-19 Quarantine Victoria with the contact details requested if it is satisfied that the request has been made in accordance with subsection (1).

    (3)     COVID-19 Quarantine Victoria may only use or disclose a person's contact details provided under subsection (2)—

        (a)     to give the person an invoice under section 258; or

        (b)     to recover fees that the person is liable to pay under section 257; or

        (c)     for another purpose permitted by law.

    (4)     For the purposes of the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 and any other Act—

        (a)     the provision of a person's contact details under subsection (2) is taken to be a disclosure authorised by law; and

        (b)     the use or disclosure of a person's contact details under subsection (3) is taken to be a use or disclosure authorised by law.

    (5)     Subject to this section, COVID-19 Quarantine Victoria must comply with the Information Privacy Principles in respect of the use and disclosure of a person's contact details.

S. 259 (Heading) substituted by No. 53/2021 s. 51(1).

New s. 259 inserted by No. 44/2020 s. 5.

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