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Copies of certain seized things to be given

    (1)     If an inspector seizes under this Part—

        (a)     a document; or

        (b)     a thing that can be readily copied; or

        (c)     a storage device that contains information that can be readily copied—

the inspector must, before finishing the search, give—

        (d)     a copy of the information, thing or device; and

        (e)     a receipt for the thing—

to the owner or custodian of the document.

    (2)     Subsection (1) does not apply if the inspector is unable to discover the identity of the owner or custodian of the document, thing or device.

    (3)     If it is not practicable to comply with subsection (1)(d) or (1)(e) in respect of a thing before the inspector finishes the search, the inspector must do so as soon as practicable after finishing the search.

    (4)     In the case of a paper document, the inspector must certify on any copy of the document given to a person under this section that the copy is an accurate copy of the document.

    (5)     A copy of a document certified under subsection (4) is to be received in all courts and tribunals as evidence of equal validity to the original.

S. 24ZH inserted by No. 65/2007 s. 95.

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