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Notice to resident of residency right

S. 92C(1) amended by Nos 67/2010 s. 108, 45/2018 s. 80(1)(2).

    (1)     A rooming house operator must give each proposed resident a notice in accordance with this section before the proposed resident commences occupation of a room.

Penalty:     25 penalty units.

    (2)     The notice must—

        (a)     be in writing in a form approved by the Director; and

        (b)     specify whether the residency right is to be an exclusive occupancy right or a shared room right; and

        (c)     state the date on which it is given; and

        (d)     state that it is given in accordance with this section.

    (3)     If the residency right is to be a shared room right, the notice must also—

        (a)     specify the room capacity of the room; and

        (b)     state that the resident will not be notified before another resident takes up occupancy of the room; and

S. 92C(3)(c) amended by No. 45/2018 s. 80(3).

        (c)     state that the rooming house operator will choose the other residents who will be permitted to take up occupancy of the room; and

        (d)     specify the rent payable by the resident for the shared room right and the rent that would have been payable by the resident if the right had been an exclusive occupancy right.

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