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Renewal of registration

    (1)     An application for renewal of registration—

        (a)     must be made to the Board before the existing registration expires; and

        (b)     must be accompanied by the prescribed fee.

    (2)     If a person does not apply for renewal of registration before the end of the existing registration period, the Board may renew that person's registration if—

        (a)     the application is made within 3 months after the end of the registration period; and

        (b)     the person pays an additional prescribed fee for a late application for renewal.

    (3)     If a person's registration has expired without being renewed, the person is deemed to be registered for a period of 3 months after that expiry, and if, at the end of that period of 3 months, the person has not renewed his or her registration, the Board must remove that person's name from the register.

    (4)     If the Board is satisfied that a person applying for renewal of registration—

        (a)     has not practised as a licensed surveyor during the period of 12 months immediately preceding the application; or

S. 7(4)(b) substituted by No. 80/2009 s. 76(1).

        (b)     has not undertaken further practical training in cadastral surveying and professional skills training required by the Board, details of which have been published in accordance with section 62; or

        (c)     has previously held a right to practise as a licensed surveyor in another State or a Territory or another country, being the equivalent of registration as a licensed

surveyor under this Act, and that right has been cancelled or suspended and not restored because of conduct which, if committed in Victoria, would entitle the Board to suspend or cancel the registration—

the Board may refuse to renew the registration of the person.

    (5)     The Board may refuse to renew the registration of a person on any ground on which the Board might refuse to grant registration.

S. 7(6) inserted by No. 80/2009 s. 76(2).

    (6)     Subsections (4)(a) and (4)(b) do not apply to a person applying for renewal of registration if the class of registration sought is a non-practising class of registration.

S. 7A inserted by No. 80/2009 s. 77.

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