Victorian Current Acts

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           Long Title

   1.      Short title and commencement  
   1A.     Purposes  


   3.      Definitions  
   4.      Transport Integration Act 2010  
   4A.     Filming Approval Act 2014  
   4B.     Restriction on application of Act  
   4C.     Traditional owner agreement for natural resources  
   7A.     Governor in Council may declare protected wildlife to be unprotected in an area of Victoria  


   12.     Secretary may accept gift of land etc.  
   13.     Secretary may accept gift of personal property  
   14.     Secretary to have management and control of lands  
   14A.    Obligations of Secretary in relation to Yarra River land  
   15.     State Wildlife Reserves  
   16.     Secretary to manage State Wildlife Reserves  
   16A.    Secretary to manage and control Nature Reserves  
   17.     Moneys received paid to Consolidated Fund  
   18.     Secretary to prepare plans of management for reserves  
   18A.    Power to enter into management agreements with Traditional Owner Land Management Boards  
   18B.    Land to be managed consistently with joint management plan  
   19.     Limitation of mining etc. on State Wildlife or Nature Reserves  
   20.     Offence to take wildlife from State Wildlife Reserve  
   21.     Removing sand etc. from State Wildlife Reserve or Nature Reserve  
   21AAA.  Offence to construct, remove, alter, or carry out maintenance on, a levee within a State Wildlife Reserve or Nature Reserve  
   21AA.   Offence to cut or take away fallen or felled trees  


   21A.    Offence to conduct organised tour or recreational activity on State Wildlife Reserve if unlicensed  
   21B.    Grant of tour operator licence  
   21C.    Application for tour operator licence  
   21D.    Requirement to pay annual licence fee after grant of tour operator licence  
   21E.    Tour operator licence conditions  
   21F.    Contravention of condition an offence  
   21G.    Variation of tour operator licence  
   21H.    Suspension of tour operator licence  
   21I.    Making submissions on suspension  
   21J.    Cancellation of tour operator licence  


   22.     Wildlife licences  
   22A.    Game licences  
   23.     Grant of wildlife licences may be refused in certain cases  
   25.     Duration of licence  
   25A.    Mandatory cancellation of certain licences by Secretary  
   25AB.   Mandatory cancellation of certain licences by Game Management Authority  
   25B.    Power of Secretary to suspend certain licences  
   25BA.   Power of Game Management Authority to suspend certain licences  
   25C.    Making submissions on suspension  
   25D.    Power of Secretary to cancel certain licences  
   25DA.   Power of the Game Management Authority to cancel certain licences  
   28.     Production of licence  


   28A.    Authorisation to take etc. wildlife  
   28B.    Offence of failing to comply with conditions of authorisation  
   28C.    Duration and renewal of authorisation  
   28D.    Suspension of authorisation  
   28E.    Making submissions on suspension  
   28F.    Cancellation of authorisation  


   28G.    Authorisation Orders as to taking etc. wildlife  
   28H.    Authorisation Orders as to disturbing wildlife  
   28I.    Conditions in authorisation orders  
   28J.    Publication and commencement of authorisation order  
   28K.    Period of authorisation order  


   29.     Secretary to carry out research etc.  
   30.     Minister may authorize the use of prohibited equipment for certain purposes  
   31.     Persons acting under authority not guilty of offence  


   32.     Wildlife Management Co-operative Areas  
   33.     Prohibited areas  
   34.     Wildlife sanctuaries  
   35.     Offences in relation to wildlife sanctuaries  


   41.     Hunting, taking or destroying threatened wildlife  
   43.     Hunting, taking or destroying protected wildlife  
   44.     Hunting, taking or destroying game  
   45.     Acquiring etc. threatened wildlife  
   47.     Acquiring etc. protected wildlife  
   47A.    Exemptions from certain sections  
   47C.     Employees of licence holders  
   47D.    Wildlife unlawfully taken  
   47E.    Exemption from definition of prohibited person in Firearms Act 1996  
   48.     Offence for dogs or cats to attack etc. wildlife  
   48A.    Seizure of dogs or cats  
   48B.    Owner to be notified  
   48C.    Recovery or disposal of animal  
   49.     Power to make Order prohibiting possession etc. of certain wildlife  
   50.     Import and export permits  
   51.     Marking protected wildlife  
   52.     Release of birds and animals from captivity or confinement  
   53.     Use of prohibited equipment  
   54.     Killing wildlife by poison  
   55.     Using bird-lime etc.  
   56.     Punt guns  
   57.     Interference with signs etc.  
   58.     Molesting and disturbing etc. protected wildlife  
   58A.    Keeping false records  
   58B.    Providing false information  
   58C.    Offence for certain persons to enter on or remain in specified hunting area  
   58D.    Offence to approach a person who is hunting  
   58E.    Hindering or obstructing hunting  


   58F.    Meaning of specified offence  
   58G.    Issue of banning notice  
   58H.    Content of banning notice  
   58I.    Variation and revocation of banning notice  
   58J.    Offence to contravene banning notice  
   58K.    Direction to leave area to which banning notice applies  
   58L.    Offence to refuse or fail to comply with direction to leave area to which banning notice applies  
   58M.    Exclusion orders  
   58N.    Variation of exclusion order  
   58O.    Offence to contravene exclusion order  
   58P.    Direction to leave area to which exclusion order applies  
   58Q.    Offence to refuse or fail to comply with direction to leave area to which exclusion order applies  
   58R.    Disclosure of information for enforcement purposes  


   59.     Powers of authorised officers  
   59A.    Searches of personal property  
   59B.    Searches of vehicles and boats  
   59C.    Search warrant for evidence of offence  
   59D.    Announcement before entry  
   59E.    Copy of warrant to be given to occupier  
   59F.    Occupier entitled to be present during search  
   60.     Seizure of prohibited equipment etc.  
   60A.    Power to require production of firearms licence  
   60B.    Requirements as to taking samples, seizing  
   60C.    Samples  
   60D.    Retention notices  
   60E.    Evidentiary provisions relating to retention notices  
   61.     Offenders to give name and address on demand  
   62.     Obstructing officer etc.  
   62A.    Offence to impersonate officer  
   64.     Statements of the Secretary or the Game Management Authority as evidence  
   65.     Eggs presumed to be threatened wildlife  
   68.     Simplification of proof  
   69.     Onus of proving wildlife not taken in Victoria  
   70.     Cancellation of licence upon conviction for offence  
   70A.    Disposal of seized things  


   71.     Definitions  
   72.     Evidentiary matters  
   73.     Applications for authorities to conduct controlled operations  
   74.     Determination of applications  
   74A.    Matters to be taken into account  
   74B.    Form of authority  
   74C.    When can an authority be varied?  
   74D.    Application for variation of authority  
   74E.    Determination of application to vary authority  
   74F.    Form of variation of authority  
   74G.    Cancellation of authorities  
   74H.    Effect of authorities  
   74I.    Defect in authority  
   74J.    Effect of being unaware of variation or cancellation of authority  
   74K.    Protection from criminal responsibility for certain ancillary conduct  
   74L.    Notification requirements  
   74M.    Unauthorised disclosure of information  
   74N.    Principal law enforcement officers' reports  
   74O.    Secretary's reports  
   74OA.   Game Management Authority's reports  
   74P.    Annual report by Victorian Inspectorate  
   74Q.    Keeping documents connected with authorised operations  
   74R.    General register of the Secretary  
   74RA.   General Register of the Game Management Authority  
   74S.    Inspection of Department records by Victorian Inspectorate  
   74SA.   Inspection of Game Management Authority records by the Victorian Inspectorate  
   74T.    No delegations  
   74U.    Evidence of authorities  
   74V.    Transitional provision  


   75.     Definitions  
   76.     Killing, taking whales etc. an offence  
   77.     Action to be taken with respect to killing or taking of whale  
   77A.    Offence to approach whales  
   78.     Power to Secretary to grant permits  
   79.     Conditions of permit  
   80.     Breach of condition an offence  
   81.     Power of authorised officer to give directions  
   81A.    Variation of permits  
   81B.    Suspension of permits  
   81C.    Making submissions on suspension  
   81D.    Power of Secretary to cancel permit  
   82.     Public notices in relation to permits  
   83.     Offence to conduct whale watching tour  
   83A.    Power to grant whale watching tour permits  
   83B.    Constraints on the granting of whale watching tour permits  
   83C.    Offence to conduct whale swim tour  
   83D.    Power to grant whale swim tour permits  
   83E.    Constraints on the granting of whale swim tour permits  
   83F.    Determination of limited permit areas  
   83G.    Notice of proposal to make limited permit area determination  
   83GA.   Submissions on proposal to make limited permit area determination  
   83GB.   Amendment or revocation of limited permit area determination  
   83GC.   Permits in limited permit areas to be granted on determination of Secretary  
   83GD.   Applications for permits  
   83GE.   Fees for permits  
   83GF.   Period of permit  
   83GG.   Renewal of permit  
   83H.    Conditions of permits under this Division  
   83I.    Breach of condition an offence  
   83J.    Power of authorised officer to give directions  
   83K.    Variation of permits under this Division  
   83L.    Suspension of permits under this Division  
   83M.    Making submissions on suspension  
   83N.    Power of Secretary to cancel permit  
   84.     Performance by authorised officers of duties etc. under Commonwealth Act  
   85.     Summary jurisdiction in indictable offences  
   85A.    Regulations  


   85B.    Offence to conduct seal tour  
   85C.    Power to grant seal tour permit  
   85D.    Applications for seal tour permits  
   85E.    Fee payable for seal tour permit  
   85F.    Period of seal tour permit  
   85G.    Renewal of seal tour permit  
   85H.    Conditions of seal tour permits  
   85I.    Breach of condition an offence  
   85J.    Variation of seal tour permits  
   85K.    Suspension of seal tour permits  
   85L.    Making submissions on suspension  
   85M.    Power of Secretary to cancel seal tour permit  


   86.     Notices prohibiting, regulating or controlling the taking, destroying or hunting of wildlife  
   86A.    Emergency closure notices  
   86B.    Time for bringing proceedings  
   86C.    Review of decisions  
   87.     Regulations  
   87A.    Tour operator licence regulations  


   88.     Permits and authorities  
   89.     Conditions on licences etc.  
   90.     Transitional provision, dolphin swim tour permits—Wildlife (Amendment) Act 2002  
   91.     Transitional provision, dolphin sightseeing permits—Wildlife (Amendment) Act 2002  
   92.     Transitional provision—Control of Weapons and Firearms Acts (Search Powers) Act 2003  
   92A.    Transitional provision—Crimes Legislation Amendment Act 2010  
   93.     Transitional provisions—2008 Act  
   94.     Transitional provisions—2008 Act—whale watching tours by aircraft  
   95.     Transitional provisions—2008 Act—seal tours  
   96.     Tour operator licence offence  
   97.     Transitional provision—Integrity and Accountability Legislation Amendment Act 2012  
   98.     Transitional provision for wildlife licences in respect of specified birds—Game Management Authority Act 2014  
   99.     Transitional provision for wildlife licence applications—Game Management Authority Act 2014  
   100.    Transitional provision for game licences—Game Management Authority Act 2014  
   101.    Transitional provision for game licence applications—Game Management Authority Act 2014  
   102.    Transitional provision, mandatory cancellation of licence—Game Management Authority Act 2014  
   103.    Transitional provision, submissions on suspension of licence—Game Management Authority Act 2014  
   104.    Transitional provision, power to cancel licence—Game Management Authority Act 2014  
   105.    Transitional provision, review of decisions—Game Management Authority Act 2014  
   106.    Transitional provision—Crown Land Legislation Amendment (Canadian Regional Park and Other Matters) Act 2016  
   107.    Transitional provision, advisory committee—Primary Industries Legislation Amendment Act 2016  

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