Victorian Consolidated Regulations

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   1.      Objective  
   2.      Authorising provision  
   3.      Commencement  
   4.      Revocations  
   5.      Definitions  
   6.      List of approved counsellors  
   7.      Application for approval as fit and proper person  
   8.      Wishes of parent  
   9.      Application for approval of adoption agency  
   10.     Application for renewal of approval of adoption agency  
   11.     Qualifications and experience of principal officer and deputy principal officer of approved agency  
   12.     Arrangements for the adoption in Victoria of non‑citizen children  
   13.     Form of consent to adoption  
   14.     Form of statements by witnesses to consent  
   15.     Witnesses to consent  
   16.     Conduct of discussions by witnesses to consent  
   17.     Documents to be provided to person giving consent  
   18.     Counsellors approved under section 35 of the Act  
   19.     Information to be provided by counsellor under section 35 of the Act  
   20.     Certificate under section 35(3) of the Act  
   21.     Consent to adoption by guardian of non-citizen child  
   22.     Right of access to child  
   23.     Notices to be given if condition of consent cannot be met  
   24.     Notification to parent of inability to place child  
   25.     Revocation of consent  
   26.     Wishes of parent with respect to receiving notice of certain events  
   27.     Application for accreditation—Hague Convention  
   28.     Accreditation—Hague Convention  
   29.     Prescribed overseas jurisdiction  
   30.     Registration of adoption orders  
   31.     Details of adoptions to be provided to the Secretary by approved agencies  
   32.     Form of application for birth certificate  
   33.     Fee payable  
   34.     Financial assistance  
   35.     Time to comply with request for information  
           SCHEDULE 1
           SCHEDULE 2
           SCHEDULE 3

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