Victorian Consolidated Regulations

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Car parking

    (1)     If a new Class 1 building is to be constructed on an allotment, provision must be made for 2 car parking spaces on the allotment that are accessible from the street.

    (2)     Of the 2 required car parking spaces—

        (a)     the first space must be at least 6 m long and 3·5 m wide; and

        (b)     the second space must be at least 4·9 m long and 2·6 m wide.

    (3)     A building may project into a car parking space if it is at least 2·1 m above that space.

    (4)     Despite subregulation (2), if the 2 required car parking spaces adjoin each other in a garage or carport or in a space constrained by walls, the total space may be 5·5 m in width.

    (5)     An alteration to a building on an allotment must not reduce the number of car parking spaces on the allotment unless there are more than 2 car parking spaces on the allotment, in which case the number of car parking spaces may be reduced to 2.

    (6)     The report and consent of the relevant council must be obtained to an application for a building permit in relation to a design that does not comply with this regulation.

Reg. 78(7) inserted by S.R. No. 132/2023 reg. 16.

    (7)     This regulation does not apply in respect of the construction of a building that is a small second dwelling.

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