Victorian Consolidated Regulations

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   1.      Objectives  
   2.      Authorising provisions  
   3.      Commencement  
   4.      Revocations  
   5.      Definitions  


   6.      Conduct of officers  
   7.      Prescribed class of persons  
   8.      Powers and functions of Governor and Regional Manager  


           Division 1--Management and security of prisons

   9.      Non-lethal firearms  
   10.     Unauthorised removal of firearms and ammunition  
   11.     Approved dogs  
   12.     Use of dogs  
   13.     Instruments of restraint  
   14.     Use of instrument of restraint in prisons  
   15.     Use of instrument of restraint for lengthy period  
   16.     Notification to Governor about use of instrument of restraint  
   17.     Suspected dangerous parcels may be disposed of  
   18.     Certain confidential parcels may be inspected  
   19.     When other parcels may be stopped and inspected  
   20.     Prisoners' letters—prescribed persons and bodies  
   21.     Register of parcels  
   22.     Restrictions of communications during emergency  
   23.     Absence to attend court or a hearing  
   24.     Wearing of non-prison clothing  

           Division 2--Classification of prisoners

   25.     Classification system  
   26.     Classification of prisoners  
   27.     Sentence management panels  
   28.     Case management review committees  
   29.     Secretary may make rules  
   30.      Determination of classification  
   31.     Determination of placement  

           Division 3--Other matters

   32.     Order to separate a prisoner from other prisoners  
   33.     Prisoner privileges  
   34.     Placement of prisoner's child  
   35.     Decision of Secretary in relation to placement of prisoner's child  
   36.     Review of placement of prisoner's child  
   37.     Record of prisoner's child living in prison  
   38.     Restrictions on children  
   39.     Conditions of custodial community permit  
   40.     Offence to smoke at a prison  
   41.     Prescribed persons allowed to operate remotely piloted aircraft or helicopter  


   42.     Definitions  
   43.     Remuneration  
   44.     Dismissal from work in a prison industry  
   45.     Prisoner trust account  
   46.     Secretary may approve expenditure of interest on money in prisoner trust account for victims' assistance  
   47.     Regulation of prisoner's money  
   48.     Expenditure of prisoner's money  
   49.     Prisoner savings  
   50.     Agreement between prisoner and Secretary in relation to art and other things made or produced by the prisoner  
   51.     Agreement to undertake paid employment outside prison  
   52.     Terms and conditions of agreement to undertake paid employment outside a prison  
   53.     Restriction on paid employment outside a prison  
   54.     Earnings from paid employment outside a prison to be paid into prisoner trust account  
   55.     Secretary must allocate earnings from paid employment outside a prison to assist victims of crime or family members  


   56.     Bringing property into a prison  
   57.     Entry of property  
   58.     Storage of prisoner's property  
   59.     Dealing with prisoner's property  
   60.     Transfer of prisoner's property  
   61.     Disposal of prisoner's property  
   62.     Giving or selling of prisoner's property  
   63.     Deceased prisoner's property  


   64.     Definition  
   65.     Prison offences  
   66.     Investigation of prison offence  
   67.     Conduct of disciplinary hearing  
   68.     Prisoner must be given details of the charge and procedure of the disciplinary hearing  
   69.     Preliminary steps if prisoner is present at the disciplinary hearing  
   70.     Procedure if prisoner pleads not guilty  
   71.     Procedure if prisoner pleads guilty  
   72.     Procedure if prisoner refuses or fails to attend the disciplinary hearing  
   73.     Dismissal of charge  
   74.     Steps to be taken once Governor has made a decision at the disciplinary hearing  


   75.     Visits by lawyers to prisoners in prison  
   76.     Communication with prisoners brought before a court or tribunal  
   77.     Visits by police  
   78.     Visit by an independent prison visitor  
   79.     Contact visiting programmes and residential visiting programmes  
   80.     Communication with prisoners at a hospital or medical facility  
   81.     Notification of prisoner who is seriously ill  
   82.     Information to be given by a visitor  
   83.     Terms and conditions of visits with prisoners  
   84.     Record of order made under section 43(1) or 58C(1) of the Act  


           Division 1--Searches of prisoners

   85.     Types of searches permitted  
   86.     Strip searches of prisoners—general requirements  
   87.     When a strip search of a prisoner may be conducted  
   88.     Random searches  

           Division 2--Searches of persons other than prisoners

   89.     Searches of persons (other than prisoners) in a prison—general requirements  
   90.     Strip searches of persons (other than prisoners) in a prison—general requirements  
   91.     Searches of persons or vehicles outside but near prisons  

           Division 3--Concealing or leaving articles

   92.     Concealing or leaving articles  

           Division 4--Seizure

   93.     Register of things seized—general requirements  
   94.     Dealing with things seized—general requirements  
   95.     Dealing with things seized—prisoners on parole and community corrections centres  
   96.     Receipt for things seized from prisoner on parole  

           Division 5--Testing of substances

   97.     Taking of samples of drugs and alcohol  
   98.     Analysis of sample  
   99.     Breath tests  


   100.    Emergency management days  


   100A.   Prescribed information and documents of a visitor's identity  
   100B.   Receipt of seized articles or substances  
   100C.   Register of seized articles and substances  
   100D.   Dealing with seized articles or substances  
   100E.   Communication with detained persons  
   100F.   Exchange of articles to or from detained persons  
   100G.   Offences by detained persons  
   100H.   Investigation by officer in charge of a police gaol  


   101.    Notice of release  
   102.    Return of property to prisoner  
   103.    Return of prisoner unlawfully released  


   104.    Procedure  
   105.    Notice to attend a meeting of the Board  
   106.    Notice to produce document or thing to the Board  
   107.    Direction that person in custody be brought before the Board  
   108.    Costs of attending meeting of the Board  
   109.    Parole eligibility date  
   110.    Form of a parole order  
   111.    Mandatory terms and conditions of a parole order—parole order made on and from 28 April 2019 to 31 October 2019  
   112.    Mandatory terms and conditions of a parole order—parole order made on and from 1 November 2019  
   113.    Other terms and conditions of a parole order—parole order made on and from 28 April 2019 to 31 October 2019  
   114.    Other terms and conditions of a parole order—parole order made on and from 1 November 2019  
   115.    Intensive parole period—parole order made on and from 28 April 2019 to 31 October 2019  
   116.    Intensive parole period—parole order made on and from 1 November 2019  
   117.    Release on parole  
   118.    Prisoner on parole attending a location  
   119.    Variation of a parole order  
   120.    Revocation of a parole order  
   121.    Cancellation of a parole order  
   122.    Revocation of a cancellation of a parole order  
   123.    Warrant under section 77B(1)(a) of the Act  
   124.    Reception into prison of prisoner on parole  
   125.    Offence to breach a term or condition of parole—prescribed terms and conditions  
   126.    Detention required for breach of term or condition of a parole order—prescribed terms and conditions  
   127.    Detention orders for breach of prescribed term or condition of a parole order  


   128.    Definition  
   129.    Community work  
   130.    Offences by offenders participating in community corrections programmes—offenders who are not prisoners on parole  
   131.    Offences by offender who is a prisoner on parole participating in community corrections programme  
   132.    Act of misconduct  
   133.    Purchase of offender's property  


   133A.   Victims register  
   133B.   The registrar  
   133C.   Functions and powers of the registrar  
   133D.   Manner of application  
   133E.   Content of application  
   133F.   Additional information if nominee is nominated  
   133G.   Prescribed form of undertaking  
   133H.   Removal from register  


   134.    Purchase of artwork by an officer  
   135.    Notification of claim  
   136.    Notification of determination of claim  
   137.    Use or disclosure of personal or confidential information  
   138.    Exemptions for emergency  


   139.    Transitional provision—parole order  
           SCHEDULE 1
           SCHEDULE 2

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