Victorian Consolidated Regulations

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Cancellation of a permit

Reg. 13(1) amended by S.R. No. 125/2018 reg. 10(1).

    (1)     Parks Victoria may cancel a permit issued under these Regulations at any time—

        (a)     if the holder of the permit has—

              (i)     contravened the conditions of the permit; or

              (ii)     contravened these Regulations; or

        (b)     if the continuation of the permit is likely to be detrimental to or interfere with the management and protection of the natural environment, features, or visitors in a park; or

        (c)     for the purposes of park management.

Reg. 13(2) amended by S.R. No. 125/2018 reg. 10(2).

    (2)     Before cancelling a permit, Parks Victoria must—

        (a)     notify the holder that it is proposed to cancel the permit; and

        (b)     allow the holder of the permit an opportunity to make either oral or written submissions about the proposed cancellation.

    (3)     For the purposes of subregulation (2)(b), the holder of the permit must make any submission within the period specified in the notice, which must not be less than 14 days after the date the notice is issued.

Reg. 13(4) amended by S.R. No. 125/2018 reg. 10(2).

    (4)     In making a decision as to whether or not to cancel a permit, Parks Victoria must have regard to any submission made under subregulation (2)(b) within the period specified in the notice.

Reg. 13(5) amended by S.R. No. 125/2018 reg. 10(2).

    (5)     On cancellation of a permit under subregulation (1), Parks Victoria must notify the holder of the permit of the cancellation of the permit within 7 days after the cancellation.

    (6)     The cancellation of a permit under subregulation (1) comes into effect when the holder of the permit is notified of that cancellation in accordance with subregulation (5).

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