Victorian Consolidated Regulations

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Using soap or detergent near rivers, ocean etc.

    (1)     A person who uses any soap, detergent or similar substance in a park must not dispose of the soap, detergent or similar substance unless the person does so—

        (a)     at least 50 metres away from any river, stream, well, spring, creek, dam, bore or watercourse; and

        (b)     at least 50 metres landward of the high water mark.

Penalty:     10 penalty units.

    (2)     A person does not commit an offence against subregulation (1) by disposing of any soap, detergent or similar substance in an area of a park that is seaward of the low water mark.


Regulation 92 may also affect the disposal of soap, detergents or similar substances in designated water supply catchment areas or additional water supply catchment areas.

Division 2—Special provisions for water supply catchments

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