Victorian Consolidated Regulations

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   1.      Objective  
   2.      Authorising provision  
   3.      Revocation  
   4.      Commencement  
   5.      Definitions  
   7.      Prescribed information for maintenance plan  
   7A.     Procedure at meeting  
   7B.     Voting on a resolution of the owners corporation at a meeting  
   8.      Proxy authorisation  
   8A.     Restriction on number of lot owners on behalf of whom a proxy may vote on a resolution  
   9.      Membership of committee  
   9A.     Proceedings of committee  
   10.     Professional indemnity insurance  
   11.     Model rules  
   11A.     Additional records  
   12.     Maximum fee for copy of owners corporation record  
   13.     Maximum fee for copy of owners corporation register  
   14.     Maximum fee for owners corporation certificate  
   15.     GST payable  
   16.     Prescribed information for owners corporation certificate  
   17.     Prescribed statement to accompany owners corporation certificate  
   18.     Referral of disputes  
   19.     Registration application fee  
   20.     Annual registration fee  
   21.     Late lodgement fee  
   21A.    Prescribed information for register of managers  
   22.     Letterbox or other indication of owners corporation  
   23.     Infringement offences and penalties  
           SCHEDULE 1
           SCHEDULE 2
           SCHEDULE 3

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