Victorian Consolidated Regulations

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Prescribed information for owners corporation certificate

For the purposes of section 151(4)(a) of the Act, the prescribed information is the following—

        (a)     the current fees for the lot for each quarter or annually or other period;

        (b)     the date up to which the fees for the lot have been paid;

        (c)     the total of any unpaid fees or charges for the lot;

        (d)     any special fees or levies which have been struck, and the dates on which they were struck and are payable;

        (e)     any repairs, maintenance or other work which has been or is about to be performed which may incur additional charges to those set out in paragraphs (a) to (d);

        (f)     in relation to the owners corporation's insurance cover—

              (i)     the name of the company;

              (ii)     the number of the policy;

              (iii)     the kind of policy;

              (iv)     the buildings covered;

              (v)     the building amount;

              (vi)     the public liability amount;

              (vii)     the renewal date;

        (g)     if the owners corporation has resolved that the members may arrange their own insurance under section 63 of the Act, the date of this resolution;

        (h)     the total funds held by the owners corporation;

              (i)     whether the owners corporation has any liabilities (in addition to any such liabilities specified in paragraphs (a) to (d)) and, if so, the details of those liabilities;

        (j)     details of any current contracts, leases, licences or agreements affecting the common property;

        (k)     details of any current agreements to provide services to lot owners, occupiers or the public;

        (l)     details of any notices or orders served on the owners corporation in the last 12 months that have not been satisfied;

        (m)     details of any legal proceedings to which the owners corporation is a party and any circumstances of which the owners corporation is aware that are likely to give rise to proceedings;

        (n)     whether the owners corporation has appointed, or has resolved to appoint, a manager and, if so, the name and address of the manager;

        (o)     whether an administrator has been appointed for the owners corporation, or whether there has been a proposal for the appointment of an administrator;

        (p)     the minutes of the most recent annual general meeting of the owners corporation.

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