Victorian Consolidated Regulations

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Application of Division

This Division applies to the following activities ( asbestos-related activities ) that are carried out at a workplace—

        (a)     the handling, including for the purpose of removal or transport for disposal, of aircraft and automotive components that are asbestos-containing material or that have asbestos-containing material fixed to them or installed in them;

        (b)     the laundering of clothing contaminated with asbestos;

        (c)     research involving asbestos;

        (d)     sampling or analysis involving suspected asbestos;

        (e)     the transport of asbestos waste for disposal purposes;

Reg. 302(f) substituted by S.R. No. 88/2021 reg. 12.

        (f)     working at a place or premises authorised under the Environment Protection Act 2017 or regulations made under that Act to receive asbestos waste;

        (g)     the enclosing or sealing of asbestos;

        (h)     hand-drilling and cutting of asbestos‑containing material;

              (i)     maintenance of dust extraction equipment, contaminated with asbestos;

        (j)     processing of construction and demolition material in accordance with the method determined by the Authority under regulation 206(b);

        (k)     any other activity (other than asbestos removal work to which Division 7 applies) that is likely to produce airborne asbestos fibres in excess of one half of the asbestos exposure standard;

        (l)     any other activity determined by the Authority for the purposes of this Division.


The general requirements of Divisions 1 and 2, and the prohibitions in Divisions 3 and 4, also apply to the activities listed in this Division.

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