Victorian Consolidated Regulations

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Reports of surveys, drilling and other activities

r. 20

    (1)     For the purposes of section 179(c) of the Act, the holder of an authority must give to the Minister, in an electronic form which accords with industry standards—

        (a)     a report (including interpreted data) of—

              (i)     surveys taken; and

              (ii)     drilling activities, together with logs and maps showing the locations of the drill holes; and

              (iii)     seismic activities; and

              (iv)     samples of any material tested, together with test results; and

              (v)     any petroleum reservoir, identified, if possible, in an industry standard manner; and

              (vi)     each geophysical, geochemical or seismic survey carried out by the holder; and

        (b)     copies of field, positional and processed or re-processed data (including interpreted data).

    (2)     A report under subregulation (1) must be dated and include the name of the person who prepared the report.

    (3)     The holder must give each report to which subregulation (1) applies to the Minister as soon as possible after the activities to which it relates have been completed.

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