Victorian Consolidated Regulations

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Circumstances in which a motor cycle rider may engage in lane filtering

    (1)     For the purposes of rules 44, 141, 146 and  147, the circumstances in which the rider of a motor cycle may engage in lane filtering are—

        (a)     the rider holds a motor cycle licence; and

Rule 151B(1)(ab) inserted by S.R. No. 35/2021 rule 12(1), substituted by S.R. No. 135/2021 rule 55(1).

        (ab)     if the rider is riding past to the right side of a bicycle or an electric scooter—the rider complies with rule 144A(1) or 144A(1A) (as the case may be); and

        (b)     it is safe to engage in lane filtering; and

        (c)     a no motorcycle lane filtering sign does not apply to that length of road.


1     Motor cycle licence does not include a motor cycle learner permit.

2     A rider of a motor cycle who engages in lane filtering at a speed less than 30 kilometres per hour but does not meet the conditions of this rule may not be complying with rule 44, 141, 146 or  147.

Note 3 to rule 151B(1) inserted by S.R. No. 35/2021 rule 12(2).

3     Rule 144A(1) deals with passing to the right side of a bicycle at a sufficient distance.

Note 4 to rule 151B(1) inserted by S.R. No. 135/2021 rule 55(2).

4     Rule 144A(1A) deals with passing to the right side of an electric scooter at a sufficient distance.

    (2)     A no motorcycle lane filtering sign applies to the length of road beginning at the sign and ending at the nearest of the following—

        (a)     an end no motorcycle lane filtering sign;

        (b)     if the road ends at a T-intersection or dead end—the end of the road.


1     T-intersection is defined in the dictionary.

2     Rule 322(1) and (2) deal with the meaning of a traffic sign on a road.

No motorcycle lane filtering sign

End no motorcycle lane filtering sign

C:\Users\adamsd\Pictures\No MX filtering sign.png

C:\Users\adamsd\Pictures\No MX filtering END sign.png

Division 5—Obeying overhead lane control devices applying to marked lanes

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