Victorian Consolidated Regulations

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Purpose of Division

    (1)     This Division contains rules explaining when traffic control devices apply to lengths of road and areas.

    (2)     Other relevant rules are found elsewhere in these Rules.


Other relevant rules include—

    •     rule 21(3)—length of road to which a speed-limit sign applies;

    •     rule 22(2)—speed-limited area;

    •     rule 24(2)—shared zone;

    •     rule 39(3)—length of road to which a no U-turn sign applies;

    •     rule 93(2)—length of road to which a no overtaking or passing sign applies;

    •     rule 97(2)—length of road to which a road access sign applies;

    •     rule 98(2)—length of road to which a one-way sign applies;

    •     rule 108(3)—length of road to which a trucks and buses low gear sign applies;

    •     rule 130(3)—length of road to which a keep left unless overtaking sign applies;

    •     rule 159(2)—length of road to which a traffic sign indicating a marked lane for a particular kind of vehicle applies;

    •     rule 176(2) and (3)—length of road to which a clearway sign applies;

    •     rule 177(3)—length of road to which a freeway sign applies;

    •     rule 252(2)—length of road or footpath to which a no bicycles sign , or no bicycles road marking, applies.

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