Victorian Consolidated Regulations

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Further authority of judicial registrars

    (1)     Without limiting any other powers of a judicial registrar, a judicial registrar may, subject to this Order—

        (a)     grant an application to extend the bail of an accused, if the application is unopposed;

        (b)     make an order for the remand or further remand of an accused where no application for bail is made;

        (c)     vary any condition of bail by consent or where the application to vary is unopposed;

        (d)     hear and determine an application to shorten the return date of, or the time for compliance with, a subpoena in a proceeding to which these Rules apply.


See also Rule 1.12(3).

    (2)     For the avoidance of doubt, a judicial registrar does not have authority—

        (a)     to hear and determine an application for the revocation of bail;

        (b)     to hear and determine a contested application for bail;

        (c)     subject to paragraph (1)(c), to vary any condition of bail; or

        (d)     subject to paragraph (1)(b), to remand an accused.

Rule 4.17(3) amended by S.R. No. 33/2018 rule 6.

    (3)     A judicial registrar may constitute the Court for the purposes of making an order to bring an accused or an appellant who is in custody before the Court pursuant to—

        (a)     regulations made under the Corrections Act 1986 ; or

        (b)     section 490 of the Children, Youth and Families Act 2005 .

Note to rule 4.17(3) inserted by S.R. No. 21/2019 rule 10.


See also Order 84 of Chapter I and in particular the powers in Rule 84.03 of Chapter I for a Judge of the Court to refer a matter to a judicial registrar.

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