Victorian Consolidated Regulations

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Form of certain applications and notices of application

    (1)     An application under section 20 of the Act for an exclusion order, under section 36U of the Act for a section 36V exclusion order or under section 40R of the Act for a section 40S exclusion order shall be in Form 6–6C.

    (2)     An application under section 26, 36W or 40W of the Act for further orders in relation to property the subject of a restraining order, a civil forfeiture restraining order or an unexplained wealth restraining order, as the case may be, shall be in Form 6–6D.

    (3)     An application under section 32 of the Act for a forfeiture order shall be in Form 6–6E.

    (4)     An application under section 37 of the Act for a civil forfeiture order shall be in Form 6–6F.

    (5)     An application under section 40A of the Act for a section 40B exclusion order or under section 40ZC of the Act for a section 40ZD exclusion order shall be in Form 6–6FA.

    (6)     An application under section 45 or 45B of the Act for relief from undue hardship shall be in Form 6–6G.

    (7)     An application under section 45A of the Act for relief from automatic forfeiture of property of a serious drug offender shall be in Form 6–6GA.

    (8)     An application under section 49, 51 or 53 of the Act for an exclusion order shall be in Form 6–6H.

    (9)     An application under section 58 of the Act for a pecuniary penalty order shall be in Form 6–6J.

    (10)     Any other application to be made to the Court under the Act may be in Form 6–6L with any necessary modification.

    (11)     Where notice of the hearing of an application is required to be given then, unless the Act otherwise provides or the Court otherwise orders, such notice shall be given not less than five days before the day fixed for the hearing of the application.

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