Victorian Consolidated Regulations

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Point of sale notices at retail outlets—tobacco products

    (1)     For the purposes of section 6(3)(cab) of the Act, the prescribed requirements for a notice about tobacco products are—

        (a)     the size of the notice is not greater than 1·5 metres by 1·5 metres; and

        (b)     the information contained in the notice—

              (i)     includes one or more of the following—

    (A)     the product lines usually available for sale;

    (B)     the product flavours;

    (C)     the pack numbers;

    (D)     the product prices; and

              (ii)     does not contain any of the following—

    (A)     discount price information;

    (B)     other information designed to identify a product as discounted; and

        (c)     the manner in which the information is set out in the notice is as follows—

              (i)     the letters and numbers have a width not greater than 1·5 centimetres and a height not greater than 2·1 centimetres;

              (ii)     in the case of printed letters and numbers, the letters and numbers are printed in the same font, font size and font style;

              (iii)     the letters and numbers are printed or written in black or white or in not more than 4 colours, with no colour being fluorescent;

              (iv)     the information relating to one particular product is not depicted so as to be more distinctive than the information relating to another product;

              (v)     the information is not more distinctive than the information on tickets or labels used within the premises;

              (vi)     the information concerning price is printed or written only on one side of the notice;

              (vii)     the information concerning price is not highlighted by any artificial lighting greater than that used throughout the premises; and

        (d)     the form in which the notice is displayed is as follows—

              (i)     the notice is displayed with a sign that complies with subregulation (2);

              (ii)     the sign is displayed on, or immediately adjacent to, the notice.

    (2)     For the purposes of subregulation (1)(d)(i) the sign must—

        (a)     be at least 21 centimetres in height and 29·7 centimetres in width; and

        (b)     include one of the graphics referred to in Column 1 of the Table in Schedule 2 and that graphic must—

              (i)     be printed in colour; and

              (ii)     have a width not less than 29·7 centimetres and a height
not less than 11·9 centimetres; and

        (c)     include the statement set out in Column 2 of the Table in Schedule 2 that corresponds to the graphic, and that statement must be printed or written—

              (i)     in capital letters; and

              (ii)     in white lettering on a black background; and

              (iii)     in the maximum proportionate lettering that can be accommodated within the confines of the notice.

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