Victorian Consolidated Regulations

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Project plan approval

    (1)     An accredited person may apply to the ESC for a project plan approval in respect of a project that is—

        (a)     the subject of a current scoping approval; or

        (b)     the subject of an application for a scoping approval.


Applications for scoping and project plan approval may be made at the same time.

Reg. 7(2) substituted by S.R. No. 175/2018 reg. 7(1).

    (2)     The application must—

        (a)     be in the manner and form specified by the ESC under regulation 15(1)(b) ; and

        (b)     include the information and documents specified by the ESC under regulation 15(1)(b); and

        (c)     include the information specified under regulation 7A(1); and

        (d)     if the application is in respect of an MV project, include the information and documents specified in  regulation 7A(2);

        (e)     be accompanied by any relevant fee fixed under section 73 of the Act.

Reg. 7(3) revoked by S.R. No. 175/2018 reg. 7(2).

    *     *     *     *     *

    (4)     The ESC must determine an application for a project plan approval—

        (a)     within the period of 180 days after the day the ESC receives the application; or

        (b)     if, before the end of that period, the ESC requires the applicant to give further information in relation to the application, within the period of 180 days after the applicant gave the ESC the information.

    (5)     The ESC may grant or refuse a project plan approval.

    (6)     The ESC must not grant a project plan approval—

        (a)     in respect of a project unless there is also a scoping approval for that project; or

        (b)     in respect of a project where the application for project plan approval was received after the implementation start time of the project.

    (7)     The ESC may grant a project plan approval if it is satisfied that the application has demonstrated that the applicant holds or can access the knowledge, skills or capacity to deliver the project described in the application.

    (8)     As soon as practicable after granting or refusing the application, the ESC must notify the applicant in writing of the ESC's decision.

Reg. 7A inserted by S.R. No. 175/2018 reg. 8.

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