Victorian Consolidated Regulations

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In these Regulations—

"commercial film" includes, but is not limited to, commercial films, theatrical productions, television productions, and advertisements;

Commercial Wildlife Licence means any one of the following licences

        (a)     Wildlife Controller Licence;

        (b)     Wildlife Dealer Licence;

        (c)     Wildlife Demonstrator Licence;

        (d)     Wildlife Displayer Licence;

        (e)     Game Bird Farmer Licence;

        (f)     Wildlife Processor Licence;

        (g)     Wildlife Farmer Licence;

        (h)     Wildlife Taxidermist Licence;

"dangerous or venomous wildlife "includes, but is not limited to, elapid snakes whether or not the individual specimen is capable of a venomous bite;

dingo means Canis lupus dingo ;

exempt person means a person who is, by the operation of regulation 49, exempted from section 47 of the Act;

"Phillip Island Nature Park "has the same meaning as in the Crown Land (Reserves) (Phillip Island Nature Park) Regulations 2010, made under section 13 of the Crown Land (Reserves) Act 1978 ;

"Private Wildlife Licence" means any one of the following licences—

        (a)     Wildlife Basic Licence;

        (b)     Wildlife Advanced Licence;

        (c)     Wildlife Specimen Licence;

        (d)     Dingo Licence;

"registered veterinary practitioner" has the same meaning as in the Veterinary Practice Act 1997 ;

Reg. 5 def. of relevant body inserted by S.R. No. 75/2014 reg. 5.

"relevant body" means—

        (a)     in the case of a Game Bird Farmer Licence or specified birds, the Game Management Authority;

        (b)     in the case of any other licence, permit or authority issued under the Act, or wildlife other than specified birds, the Secretary;

"take" includes to gain possession or control of wildlife by any means and also includes causing, permitting or assisting in taking wildlife;

"the Act" means the Wildlife Act 1975 ;

Reg. 5
def. of trap amended by S.R. No. 164/2018 reg. 4(2).

"trap" includes a trap, net, snare, pitfall or any other device used for, or capable of being used for, taking wildlife;

Reg. 5 def. of wildlife event inserted by S.R. No. 164/2018 reg. 4(1).

"wildlife event" means an event approved by the Secretary in accordance with regulation 39A.

Division 1—Licences

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