Victorian Consolidated Regulations

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Exemptions from import and export permit requirements in the Act

For the purposes of section 50(1A) of the Act, the following wildlife and wildlife products are prescribed—

        (a)     wildlife listed in Part A of Schedule 4; and

Reg. 54(ab) inserted by S.R. No. 75/2014 reg. 33.

        (ab)     any taxon of specified birds; and

        (b)     cast or shed wildlife feathers, sloughed skins of reptiles or cast antlers of deer; and

        (c)     any of the following that have been processed (but not taxidermied) in accordance with the Act or with a corresponding law of another State or of a Territory of the Commonwealth—

              (i)     parts of wildlife listed in Part B of Schedule 5 in any form;

              (ii)     the shells of eggs of emus ( Dromaius novaehollandiae );

              (iii)     dead game that has been obtained in a legal manner from a legal source.

Reg. 55 amended by S.R. No. 164/2018 reg. 14(2) (ILA s. 39B(2)).

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