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INFRINGEMENTS ACT 2006 (NO 12 OF 2006) - SECT 62

Expiry of enforcement orders

    (1)     An enforcement order expires—

        (a)     if a payment order is made in relation to the enforcement order or 2 or more enforcement orders as the case may be—

              (i)         on the payment in full of the fine or fines (as the case may be); or

              (ii)         if one or more payments are made under the payment order but the fine or fines (as the case may be) are not paid in full, 5 years after the receipt of the last payment; or

              (iii)     in any other case, 5 years after the making of the payment order;

        (b)     if an infringement warrant has been issued in respect of the enforcement order, on that warrant becoming void under Part 6;

        (c)     if an application is made to an infringements registrar under section 68(1) for revocation of the enforcement order, 5 years after the application is made;

        (d)     if a declaration has been made under section 91, 5 years after the declaration is made;

        (e)     if a person applies for an extension of time to deal with an infringement notice under section 87A of the Melbourne City Link Act 1995 or section 67 or 89B of the Road Safety Act 1986 , 5 years after the date that the application was made;

        (f)         in any other case, 5 years after the enforcement order was made.

    (2)     If both sub-sections (1)(a) and (1)(b) apply, the enforcement order expires on the infringement warrant becoming void under Part 6.

    (3)     If an enforcement order expires as a result of this section, any amount still outstanding in respect of the fine for which the enforcement order was made ceases to be enforceable or recoverable.

    (4)     This section does not apply to an enforcement order in respect of which a warrant has been issued under the Service and Execution of Process Act 1992 of the Commonwealth.

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