Victorian Numbered Acts

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   1.      Purpose  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Principal Act  
   4.      Definitions  
   5.      Minister may exempt land from exploration or mining licence  
   6.      Mining licences  
   7.      Application for a licence  
   8.      Grant or refusal of licence  
   9.      Grant of licence  
   10.     New section 26AAA inserted  
   11.     Variation of licence  
   12.     Cancellation of licence  
   13.     Authority to enter land  
   14.     Work must be approved  
   15.     New section 40 substituted  
   16.     Work plan requirements—subsequent amendment of section 40  
   17.     New section 40A inserted  
   18.     Section 41 and 41AA substituted and new section 41AAB inserted  
   19.     Licensee to submit area work plan schedule  
   20.     Variation application must be made if mine is declared  
   21.     Commencement of work under mining licence or prospecting licence  
   22.     Commencement of work under exploration licence or retention licence  
   23.     Prohibition of work near dwellings and certain places and sites  
   24.     Certain exploration and mining work complies with section 45  
   25.     Minister may authorise work near dwelling house  
   26.     New consent or authorisation for certain work plan variations  
   27.     Work plan  
   28.     Section 77H substituted and new sections 77HA and 77HB inserted  
   29.     New section 77HC inserted  
   30.     Variation application must be made if quarry is declared  
   31.     Cancellation of an extractive industry work authority  
   32.     Review of certain decisions about work plans and extractive industry authorities  
   33.     Department Head may endorse work plan or variation to approved work plan  
   34.     Department Head must give work plan or variation application to referral authority  
   35.     Review by Tribunal  
   36.     New Part 6C inserted  
   37.     Definitions  
   38.     Rehabilitation bond  
   39.     Code of Practice  
   40.     New section 139 inserted  
   41.     New Schedule 4A inserted  
   42.     New Schedule 9 inserted  
   43.     Repeal of amending Act  

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