Victorian Numbered Acts

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   1.      Purposes  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Definitions  
   4.      Filming Approval Act 2014  
   5.      Suburban Rail Loop program objectives  
   6.      Act binds the Crown  
   7.      Extraterritorial operation  


           Division 1--Establishment

   8.      Establishment  
   9.      Official seal  
   10.     Object of Authority  
   11.     Authority represents the Crown  

           Division 2--Functions and powers

   12.     Functions of Authority  
   13.     General powers of Authority  
   14.     Ministerial approval required for certain activities  
   15.     Ministerial approval required for certain transactions  
   16.     Land and other property transfers  
   17.     Ministerial directions  
   18.     Power to give direction to act in commercial manner  

           Division 3--Board of the Authority

   19.     Board of Directors  
   20.     Constitution of board  
   21.     Appointment of directors  
   22.     Eligibility criteria for appointment of directors  
   23.     Acting appointments  
   24.     Vacancies and removal from office  
   25.     Resignation  
   26.     Suspension  
   27.     Proceedings of board  
   28.     Participation in meetings by telephone etc.  
   29.     Resolutions without meetings  
   30.     Disclosure of interests  
   31.     Authority must publish certain codes, policies, procedures or processes  
   32.     Authority not to make loans to directors  
   33.     Indemnity  

           Division 4--Staffing and delegation

   34.     Chief executive officer  
   35.     Acting chief executive officer  
   36.     Staff  
   37.     Delegation by Authority  

           Division 5--Corporate plan

   38.     Corporate plan  
   39.     Consultation regarding corporate plan  
   40.     Modification of corporate plan  
   41.     Directions in relation to corporate plan  
   42.     Statement of corporate intent—contents  
   43.     Corporate plan to be followed  
   44.     Board to give notice of significant events  
   45.     Nothing void merely because of non-compliance  

           Division 6--Financial provisions

   46.     General Fund  
   47.     Project Funds  
   48.     Borrowing and investment by Authority  
   49.     Capital  
   50.     Dividends  
   51.     Exceptions from State Owned Enterprises Act 1992  
   52.     Exemption from duties, rates, taxes, levies or charges  

           Division 7--Special land acquisition and development powers

   53.     Compulsory acquisition of land  
   54.     Cultural and Recreational Lands Act 1963  
   55.     Authority may enter into certain agreements for land within or anticipated to be within a project area  

           Division 8--Special project development related functions and powers

   56.     Power to enter land by persons authorised by Authority  
   57.     Authorised persons for the purposes of section 56  
   58.     Utility interface powers in relation to Suburban Rail Loop program  

           Division 9--Reports by the Authority

   59.     Reports to Minister or Treasurer  
   60.     Annual report of operations  

           Division 10--Miscellaneous

   61.     Validity of decisions—board  
   62.     Validity of decisions—chief executive officer  
   63.     Reciprocal arrangements with Ministers, public sector entities and public authorities  
   64.     Minister may declare subsidiary represents Crown  


   65.     Declaration of Suburban Rail Loop planning areas  
   66.     Preparation of plans of the purposes of Suburban Rail Loop planning area declarations  
   67.     Publication of Suburban Rail Loop planning area declaration  
   68.     When a Suburban Rail Loop planning area declaration takes effect  
   69.     Minister to ensure consolidated version of Suburban Rail Loop planning area declaration is available  
   70.     Minister to give Suburban Rail Loop planning area declaration to Planning and Environment Act Minister  
   71.     Minister to give Suburban Rail Loop planning area declaration to affected Councils  


           Division 1--Commencement of projects

   72.     Declaration of Suburban Rail Loop projects  
   73.     Content of Suburban Rail Loop project declaration  
   74.     More than one Suburban Rail Loop project declaration may specify the same area of land  
   75.     Publication of Suburban Rail Loop project declaration  
   76.     When a Suburban Rail Loop project declaration takes effect  
   77.     Premier to ensure consolidated version of Suburban Rail Loop project declaration is available  
   78.     Interrelationship with Major Transport Projects Facilitation Act 2009  

           Division 2--Completion of projects

   79.     Notification of completion of Suburban Rail Loop project or a part of a project  
   80.     Project completion declaration  
   81.     Content of project completion declaration  
   82.     Publication of project completion declaration  
   83.     When project completion declaration takes effect  
   84.     Authority ceases to have functions in relation to applicable project area under the Major Transport Projects Facilitation Act 2009  


   85.     Delegation by Minister  
   86.     Improper use of information  
   87.     Information to be confidential  
   88.     Who is connected with Authority  
   89.     Obligations of public entities and public service bodies  
   90.     Governor in Council may require public authorities to act  
   91.     Proceedings  
   92.     Evidence  
   93.     Service of documents  
   94.     Other laws not affected  
   95.     Exclusion of proportionate liability under Wrongs Act 1958  
   96.     Excluded matter for Corporations Act  
   97.     Certain instruments are not legislative instruments for the purposes of Subordinate Legislation Act 1994  
   98.     Regulations  


           Division 1--Preliminary

   99.     Definitions  
   100.    Application of Interpretation of Legislation Act 1984  
   101.    Minister may fix relevant date  

           Division 2--Transfer of property, rights and liabilities

   102.    Secretary to prepare allocation statement or statements  
   103.    Certificate of Secretary  
   104.    Property, rights and liabilities allocated in accordance with statement  
   105.    Allocation of property etc. subject to encumbrances  
   106.    Substitution of party to agreement  
   107.    Former Crown instruments  
   108.    Proceedings  
   109.    Taxes  
   110.    Evidence  

           Division 3--Other transitional arrangements

   111.    Chief executive officer of the Authority  
   112.    Superseded references  

           Division 4--Other provisions related to transition to Authority

   113.    Partial revocation of certain reserved land  

           Division 5--Miscellaneous

   114.    Validity of things done under this Part  
   115.    Regulations dealing with transitional matters  


   116.    Definitions  
   117.    Obligations of Department Head in relation to Yarra River land  
   118.    Obligations of Department Head in relation to declared areas  
   119.    Municipal council as planning authority for its municipal district  
   120.    Municipal council as planning authority for area adjoining municipal district  
   121.    New sections 8C and 8D inserted  
   122.    New section 9A inserted  
   123.    Exemption from giving notice  
   124.    New section 34A inserted  
   125.    Approval of amendment by Minister  
   126.    Parliament may revoke an amendment  
   127.    Defects in procedure  
   128.    Advisory committees  
   129.    Appointment of panels  
   130.    New section 158AA inserted  
   131.    Exemption from paying GAIC for land dealings involving public authorities and councils  
   132.    Repeal of this Part  


   133.    Definitions  
   134.    New section 4A inserted  
   135.    Designation of project contractor  
   136.    Designation of project area  
   137.    Variations to project area  
   138.    Consolidated plans for project area  
   139.    Division 1 of Part 5 repealed  

           Division 1--of Part 5 of the Major Transport Projects Facilitation Act 2009 is repealed.

   140.    A project authority's functions  
   141.    Section 102 substituted  
   142.    Delegation—when the Secretary is the project authority  
   143.    New Division 1AA inserted in Part 6  
   144.    Powers of acquisition  
   145.    Application of Land Acquisition and Compensation Act 1986  
   146.    New section 113A inserted  
   147.    Section 114 substituted  
   148.    Certain acquired land taken to be reserved  
   149.    Acquisition of easement—easement in gross  
   150.    Section 117 substituted  
   151.    Modification of Land Acquisition and Compensation Act 1986—general  
   152.    Sections 119, 120 and 121 repealed  
   153.    Planning compensation  
   154.    Modification of Land Acquisition and Compensation Act 1986regulations  
   155.     Transfer of building or structure as compensation  
   156.    Compulsory acquisition of native title rights and interests  
   157.    Power of project authority to purchase land  
   158.    Amendment of heading to Subdivision 1 of Division 4 of Part 6  
   159.    Surrender or divesting of land of public authorities and Councils  
   160.    Surrender of interests in unreserved Crown land  
   161.    Effect of surrender or divesting  
   162.    New section 136A inserted  
   163.    Temporary reservation may be amended or revoked  
   164.    Section 137A repealed  
   165.    Surrender of land by project authority  
   166.    Revocation of reservations—entire reservation  
   167.    Revocation of reservations—part of reservation  
   168.    Effect of revocation of reservations  
   169.    Temporary reservation may be amended or revoked  
   170.    New heading to Subdivision 2A of Division 4 of Part 6  
   171.    Other Crown land to be designated for approved project  
   172.    New section 142B inserted  
   173.    Orders may continue or declare roads  
   174.    Compensation—surrender, divesting or revocation of reservation  
   175.    Compensation for Councils in certain circumstances  
   176.    Effect of reservation of a stratum of Crown land  
   177.    Power to enter into possession  
   178.    Project authority must try to obtain agreement  
   179.    Early entry of place of residence or business  
   180.    New section 155A inserted  
   181.    Recovery of rent  
   182.    Section 160 substituted  
   183.    Section 161 repealed  
   184.    Amendment of heading to Division 6 of Part 6  
   185.    New section 161A inserted  
   186.    Section 162 substituted and new sections 162A and 162B inserted  
   187.    Sections 163 and 164 substituted  
   188.    New section 165A inserted  
   189.    Heading to Subdivision 1 of Division 7 of Part 6 amended  
   190.    New sections 165B to 165N inserted  
   191.    New Subdivision 1A heading inserted in Division 7 of Part 6  
   192.    Sections 167 and 168 substituted  
   193.    Project authority liable to pay compensation  
   194.    Section 170 repealed  
   195.    New Subdivision 1B heading inserted in Division 7 of Part 6  
   196.    Section 171A substituted  
   197.    Application of Subdivision 2 of Division 7 of Part 6  
   198.    Application of Subdivision 3 of Division 7 of Part 6  
   199.    Surplus land  
   200.    Section 181 substituted  
   201.    Removal of reservation of Crown land before estates or interests granted under section 181  
   202.    Section 183 substituted  
   203.    Section 186 substituted and new sections 186A to 186E inserted  
   204.    Project authority to advise coordinating road authority before exercising power  
   205.    Sections 188 and 189 substituted  
   206.    Section 190 repealed—temporary closure of roads to traffic  
   207.    Compensation for denial of access following discontinuation or realignment of road  
   208.    New section 191A inserted  
   209.    Compensation for affected utilities  
   210.    New Subdivision 3 of Division 8 of Part 6 inserted  
   211.    New section 207A inserted  
   212.    Taxes and duties  
   213.    Limitation on powers of Councils to make local laws  
   214.    Approval of Councils not required  
   215.    New section 264 inserted  
   216.    New Part 12 inserted  
   217.    Consequential amendments—changes relating to giving notice and notifying persons  
   218.    Repeal of this Part  


   219.    Amendment of other Acts  
   220.    Repeal of this Part and Schedule 1  
           SCHEDULE 1

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