Victorian Numbered Acts

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   1.      Purposes  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Definitions  


           Division 1--Establishment

   4.      Establishment of Social Services Regulator  
   5.      Terms and conditions of appointment  
   6.      Regulator represents the Crown  
   7.      Objects of Regulator  
   8.      Guiding principles  
   9.      Regulator is a body corporate  
   10.     Vacancy and resignation  
   11.     Acting Regulator  
   12.     Staff  

           Division 2--Functions and powers

   13.     Functions and powers of Regulator  
   14.     Functions as integrated sector regulator  
   15.     Delegation  
   16.     Ministerial directions  
   17.     Validity of acts or decisions  
   18.     Guidelines  

           Division 3--Reporting obligations of Regulator

   19.     Annual report  
   20.     Other reports  


           Division 1--Registration of social service providers

   21.     Application for registration  
   22.     Applications withdrawn in certain circumstances  
   23.     Decision about application for registration  
   24.     Notice of decision to be given to applicant  
   25.     Provisional registration  
   26.     Conditions of registration  
   27.     Application for variation or revocation of condition of registration  
   28.     Decision on application for variation or revocation of condition of registration  
   29.     Notice of decision to be given to applicant  
   30.     Regulator may require notice of change to condition on registration to be given to service users  
   31.     Duration of registration  
   32.     Exemption—registration  

           Division 2--Cancellation of registration and winding up

   33.     Application—cancellation  
   34.     Cancellation of registration by Regulator  
   35.     Notice of winding up  

           Division 3--The Register

   36.     The Register  
   37.     Regulator may decide not to publish certain information in Register  


           Division 1--Social Services Standards

   38.     Effect of this Subdivision  
   39.     Standard—safe service delivery  
   40.     Standard—service user agency and dignity  
   41.     Standard—safe service environment  
   42.     Standard—feedback and complaints  
   43.     Standard—accountable organisational governance  
   44.     Standard—safe workforce  
   45.     Compliance with Social Services Standards  
   46.     Aggravated contravention of duty to comply with Social Services Standards  

           Division 2--Notifications

   47.     Registered social service provider to notify Regulator of certain matters  
   48.     Notifiable incidents  
   49.     Compliance statement  
   50.     Regulator may request further information  


           Division 1--Preliminary

   51.     Definitions—worker and carer exclusion scheme  

           Division 2--Conduct that may lead to exclusion

   52.     Conduct that may lead to exclusion  
   53.     Regulator to report to Chief Commissioner of Police  
   54.     Regulator may obtain information from Victoria Police  

           Division 3--Preliminary assessment of conduct that may lead to exclusion

   55.     Preliminary assessment by Regulator  
   56.     Notice of investigation or referral  
   57.     Investigation of conduct that may lead to exclusion  
   58.     Regulator may suspend or discontinue investigation  
   59.     Independent investigators  
   60.     Provision of information during investigation  
   61.     Concurrent Victoria Police investigation  
   62.     Concurrent investigation by other regulatory entity  
   63.     Referral on completion of investigation  
   64.     Notice of determination or referral  
   65.     Report of investigation  
   66.     Existing report into conduct may replace investigation  
   67.     Panel candidates  
   68.     Regulator to convene Panels  
   69.     Functions of Panel  
   70.     Interim exclusions  
   71.     Notice of interim exclusion  
   72.     Submissions concerning interim exclusions  
   73.     Review of interim exclusion  
   74.     Notice of review of interim exclusion  
   75.     Panel hearings  
   76.     Panel may limit disclosure of information  
   77.     Offence to contravene non-publication determination by Panel  
   78.     Notice of Panel hearing  

           Division 6--Panel determinations

   79.     Panel determinations  
   80.     Notice of determination  
   81.     Effect of exclusion  

           Division 7--Exclusion under the Worker Screening Act 2020

   82.     Interim WWC exclusions and WWC exclusions  

           Division 8--WCES database

   83.     Regulator must maintain WCES database  
   84.     WCES service provider must ask for database check for proposed WCES workers or carers  
   85.     WCES worker or carer must disclose details of employer to Regulator  
   86.     Excluded WCES worker or carer must disclose updated personal information to Regulator  
   87.     Removal of exclusion from database on expiry  
   88.     Removal of exclusion from database on application  

           Division 9--Offences

   89.     Offence to apply for employment as WCES worker or carer if subject to investigation, referral or exclusion decision  
   90.     Offence to provide WCES service while excluded  
   91.     Offence to fail to notify employer of investigation or referral  
   92.     Offence to employ or engage WCES worker or carer without database check  
   93.     Offence to employ or engage excluded person  

           Division 10--Information gathering and use under worker and carer exclusion scheme

   94.     Notice to produce  
   95.     Offence to fail to comply with notice to produce  
   96.     Notice to attend  
   97.     Offence to fail to comply with notice to attend  
   98.     Power to take evidence on oath or affirmation  
   99.     Powers relating to documents and things  
   100.    Impact of interview or hearing must be mitigated  
   101.    WCES service provider must provide reasonable assistance  
   102.    Regulator may disclose information to Panel or authorised officer or independent investigator  


           Division 1--Authorised officers and independent investigators

   103.    Appointment of authorised officers  
   104.    Regulator may issue directions to authorised officers  
   105.    Identity cards for authorised officers and independent investigators  
   106.    Requirement to produce identity card  
   107.    Complaints about authorised officers or independent investigators  
   108.    Power to request information and documents  
   109.    Power to obtain information, documents and evidence  
   110.    Protection of persons giving certain information  
   111.    False or misleading information  

           Division 3--Powers of entry

   112.    Power to enter premises of registered social service providers—monitoring compliance  
   113.    Power to enter residential premises with consent  
   114.    Power to enter premises of unregistered providers and WCES workers and carers with consent  
   115.    Issue of search warrant  
   116.    Announcement before exercising power of entry  
   117.    Copy of warrant to be given to occupier  
   118.    Notice if occupier not present  
   119.    General powers of authorised officers  
   120.    Persons assisting authorised officers or independent investigators  
   121.    Police assistance  
   122.    Power to direct persons to produce documents, operate equipment or answer questions  
   123.    Legal professional privilege and client legal privilege not affected  
   124.    Protection against self-incrimination  
   125.    Use or seizure of electronic equipment at premises  
   126.    Power to secure electronic equipment  

           Division 4--Seized documents or things

   127.    Receipts for seized things  
   128.    Copies of seized documents  
   129.    Return of seized documents and things  
   130.    Magistrates' Court may extend 6-month retention period  
   131.    Forfeiture, destruction and disposal of seized documents and things  

           Division 5--Offences relating to obstruction of authorised officers and independent investigators

   132.    Offence to impersonate  
   133.    Offence to hinder or obstruct  
   134.    Offence to intimidate, threaten or assault  

           Division 6--Registration offences

   135.    Offence relating to unregistered social service providers  
   136.    Offences relating to conditions of registration  


   137.    What is an improvement notice?  
   138.    Regulator or authorised officer may issue improvement notice  
   139.    Form of improvement notice  
   140.    Amendment and withdrawal of improvement notice  
   141.    Continuing effect of improvement notice  
   142.    What is a prohibition notice?  
   143.    Regulator or authorised officer may issue prohibition notice  
   144.    Form of prohibition notice  
   145.    Verbal direction to cease activity  
   146.    Amendment of prohibition notice  
   147.    Certification that activity is no longer prohibited  
   148.    Non-compliance with notice or direction  
   149.    Failure to report  
   150.    Proceeding for offence not affected by notice or direction  

           Division 2--Infringement notices

   151.    Infringement notices  

           Division 3--Enforceable undertakings

   152.    What is an enforceable undertaking?  
   153.    Regulator may accept enforceable undertaking from registered social service provider  
   154.    Form and commencement of enforceable undertaking  
   155.    Notification and publication requirements  
   156.    Withdrawal or variation of undertaking  
   157.    Compliance with and effect of undertaking  
   158.    Enforcement of undertaking  
   159.    Contempt of court  

           Division 4--Public warning notices

   160.    What is a public warning notice?  
   161.    Regulator may issue public warning notice  
   162.    Form and publication of public warning notice  
   163.    What is an adverse publicity order?  
   164.    Magistrates' Court may make adverse publicity order  
   165.    Publication of public warning notice unaffected by making of adverse publicity order  

           Division 6--Suspension of service user intake

   166.    What is a suspension of intake notice?  
   167.    Regulator may issue suspension of intake notice  
   168.    Publication of suspension of intake notice  

           Division 7--Variation, suspension or revocation of registration

   169.    Variation of registration  
   170.    Suspension of registration  
   171.    Consequences of suspension of registration  
   172.    Revocation of registration  
   173.    Regulator may appoint administrator to provider  
   174.    Period of appointment  
   175.    Functions and powers of administrator  
   176.    Financially unviable provider  
   177.    Provider to pay Regulator costs incurred by appointment of administrator  
   178.    Offence to remove equipment or other property without consent of administrator  
   179.    Offence to hinder or obstruct administrator  
   180.    Offence to dispose of interests without consent of administrator  
   181.    Offence to enter into or exercise rights under contracts without consent of administrator  
   182.    Offence to issue notice to vacate residents without consent of administrator  
   183.    Offence to undertake duty or function of administrator without consent of administrator  
   184.    Offence to do prescribed action  
   185.    Compensation  
   186.    Displacement of other laws—appointment of administrator  


           Division 1--Preliminary

   187.    Definitions  
   188.    Meaning of protected information  
   189.    Meaning of relevant agency  
   190.    Application of this Part to courts and tribunals  
   191.    Principles  

           Division 2--Information sharing

   192.    Disclosure of information  
   193.    Sharing of information between relevant agencies  
   194.    Collection and use of information  
   195.    Duty of relevant agency to assist Regulator  
   196.    Regulator may disclose protected information  
   197.    Person may disclose information to Regulator  
   198.    Further disclosure of confidential information  
   199.    Disclosure of compliance or enforcement action  

           Division 3--Confidentiality notices

   200.    Definitions  
   201.    Confidentiality notice  
   202.    Service of confidentiality notices  
   203.    Regulator or Panel to provide Victorian Inspectorate with copies  
   204.    Disclosure subject to confidentiality notice  
   205.    Regulator may take action if Panel ceases to exist  

           Division 4--Protection of disclosures made in good faith

   206.    Use and disclosure in good faith protected  

           Division 5--Relationship of this Part with other Acts

   207.    Relevant agencies to collect, use or disclose information despite other Acts  
   208.    Part does not affect handling of confidential information permitted by this Act or other Acts  
   209.    Restrictions on access to confidential information  
   210.    Exemption from Freedom of Information Act 1982 for Regulator or Panel  

           Division 6--Offences

   211.    Unauthorised use and disclosure of protected information collected under this Part  
   212.    Protection from reprisal  

           Division 1--Preliminary

   213.    Definitions  
   214.    Meaning of supported residential service  
   215.    Meaning of prohibited transaction  

           Division 2--Information for prospective residents and new resident contact information

   216.    Person nominated  
   217.    Details of resident's guardian or resident's administrator to be recorded  

           Division 3--Money of residents

   218.    Management or control of resident's money by provider  
   219.    Records of expenditure to be kept  
   220.    Statements and access to records  
   221.    Provider may give directions relating to resident's money  
   222.    Provider or close associate not to be person nominated  
   223.    Provider to notify Regulator of offences  

           Division 4--Residential and services agreements

   224.    Preparation and copies of residential and services agreements  
   225.    Changes to residential and services agreements  
   226.    Residential and services agreement not to be inconsistent with Act   
   227.    Residential and services agreement to be signed by resident etc.  
   228.    Termination by agreement  
   229.    Termination after order to vacate is made  
   230.    Termination on death or abandonment  
   231.    Termination on moving out  
   232.    Termination with consent  

           Division 5--Health and support notifications

   233.    Provider must notify Regulator of appropriate health care requirements  
   234.    Provider must notify Regulator of personal support requirements  
   235.    Enquiries, assessment and further care  

           Division 6--Prohibited transactions and reportable transactions

   236.    Provider or close associate not to enter into prohibited transactions  
   237.    Reportable transactions  
   238.    Cooling off period  
   239.    Remedies  

           Division 7--Fees, charges and security deposits

   240.    Offence to request certain payments  
   241.    Offence to request or accept security deposit that exceeds a specified amount  
   242.    Offence to request or accept fees in advance that exceed a specified amount  
   243.    Offence to request or accept reservation fee that exceeds a specified amount  
   244.    Offence to request or accept establishment fees that exceed a specified amount  
   245.    Offence not to provide prescribed statement in respect of fees etc.  
   246.    Offence not to put money into trust account  
   247.    Records of money held in trust account  
   248.    Fees etc. to remain in trust until required  
   249.    Retention of security deposit by provider  
   250.    Offence not to return security deposit within 14 days  
   251.    Condition report  
   252.    Condition report is evidence of state of repair  
   253.    Statement relating to use of reservation fees  
   254.    Provider must explain fees and charges to resident  
   255.    Reservation fees must be applied or refunded  
   256.    Application to VCAT for refund of security deposit etc.  
   257.    VCAT orders  

           Division 8--Notices to vacate

   258.    Contents of notice to vacate  
   259.    Giving of notice to vacate  
   260.    Provider proposes to cease carrying on the supported residential service  
   261.    Resident endangers safety of other persons  
   262.    Non-payment of fees  
   263.    Use of supported residential service for illegal purpose  
   264.    Repairs or demolition  
   265.    Resident in need of more health care than available  
   266.    Resident in need of more personal support than available  
   267.    Serious damage  
   268.    Serious interruption to quiet and peaceful enjoyment  
   269.    Offence not to provide proper notice  
   270.    Notice of resident's intention to vacate supported residential service  
   271.    Offence to require more than 28 days notice of intention to leave supported residential service  
   272.    Resident may apply to VCAT  
   273.    What can VCAT order?  
   274.    Application by provider for order to vacate  
   275.    Time for application for order to vacate  
   276.    VCAT must make order to vacate in certain circumstances  
   277.    Application for order to vacate to be dismissed or adjourned in certain circumstances  
   278.    Order to vacate not to be made in certain circumstances  
   279.    Contents of an order to vacate  
   280.    Issue of warrant to remove resident  
   281.    Warrant to remove resident  
   282.    Lapsing of order to vacate and lapsing or cancellation of warrant to remove resident  
   283.    Execution of warrant  


           Division 1--Preliminary

   284.    Definition  

           Division 2--Annual report of operations

   285.    Additional information for annual report of operations  

           Division 3--Review

   286.    Reviewable decisions—internal review  
   287.    Regulator may stay operation of decision subject to application for internal review  
   288.    Outcome of internal review  
   289.    Notice of outcome of internal review  
   290.    Reviewable decisions—VCAT  
   291.    Application to VCAT for review  

           Division 4--Liability for offences

   292.    Conduct of employee, agent or officer taken to be conduct of body corporate  
   293.    Criminal liability of officers of bodies corporate—accessorial liability  
   294.    Offences by unincorporated bodies, partnerships etc.  

           Division 5--Proceedings and legal matters

   295.    Who may commence proceedings for an offence?  
   296.    Time for commencing proceedings  
   297.    Civil penalty provision  
   298.    Civil penalty orders  
   299.    Civil proceedings after criminal proceedings  
   300.    Criminal proceeding during proceeding for a civil penalty order  
   301.    Criminal proceeding commenced after proceeding for civil penalty order  
   302.    Evidence given or produced during proceeding for civil penalty order  
   303.    Jurisdictional limit of Magistrates' Court does not apply to civil penalty order  
   304.    Recovery of a pecuniary penalty  
   305.    Service of documents  
   306.    Service of documents—alternative to attendance  
   307.    Court may consider impact statements  

           Division 6--Compliance codes

   308.    Compliance codes  
   309.    Content of compliance codes  
   310.    Communication of compliance codes  
   311.    Effect of compliance with compliance codes  
   312.    No liability for failure to comply with compliance codes  

           Division 7--Evidentiary matters

   313.    Evidence as to age  
   314.    Evidentiary reports  
   315.    Evidentiary certificates  

           Division 8--Regulation-making powers

   316.    Regulations  

           Division 9--Review of Act

   316A.   Review of Act  


           Division 1--Preliminary

   317.    Definitions  

           Division 2--General

   318.    Exemptions from offence relating to unregistered service providers—prescribed social services  

           Division 3--Children, Youth and Families Act 2005

   319.    Investigation of conduct engaged in before the commencement of Part 5  
   320.    Deemed exclusion decisions  
   321.    Exemptions from offence relating to unregistered service providers—secure welfare services  
   322.    Pending applications for registration as community service  
   323.    Pending applications for renewal of registration  
   324.    Variation of registration by Regulator  
   325.    Pending revocation  
   326.    Pending investigations  
   327.    Appointment of administrator  
   328.    Community service registrations  
   329.    Continuation of secure welfare services  
   330.    Transfer of information to Regulator  

           Division 4--Disability Act 2006

   331.    Transfer of information to Regulator  
   332.    Disability service provider registrations  
   333.    Pending applications for registration as disability service provider  
   334.    Pending applications for renewal of registration of disability service provider  
   335.    VCAT review  
   336.    Variation of registration by Regulator  
   337.    Pending revocation  
   338.    Appointments  
   339.    Transfer of information to Regulator  
   340.    Supported residential service registrations  
   341.    Pending applications for registration as supported residential service  
   342.    Variation of registration by Regulator  
   343.    Pending cancellation  
   344.    Pending revocation  
   345.    Undertakings  
   346.    Compliance notices  
   347.    Appointment of administrator  

           Division 6--Transitional regulations

   348.    Transitional regulations  


   349.    Definitions  
   350.    New section 16UA inserted  

           Division 2--Children, Youth and Families Act 2005

   351.    Delegation  
   352.    Part 3.4 repealed  

           Division 3--Disability Act 2006

   353.    Definitions  
   354.    Persons with an intellectual disability  
   355.    Information systems and disclosure, use and transfer of information  
   356.    Disclosure of information about worker screening.  
   357.    Sections 40 to 48 repealed  
   358.    Division 3 of Part 4 repealed  

           Division 3--of Part 4 of the Disability Act 2006 is repealed.

   359.    Entry to a resident's room  
   360.    Notice of temporary relocation  
   361.    Heading to Division 3 of Part 6 amended  
   362.    Sections 97 and 98 repealed  
   363.    Power of Secretary to give directions  
   364.    Division 4 of Part 6 repealed  

           Division 4--of Part 6 of the Disability Act 2006 is repealed.

   365.    Sections 103A and 104 repealed  
   366.    Report on complaints  
   367.    Section 106 repealed  
   368.    Delegation  
   369.    Special powers of Secretary  

           Division 4--Supported Residential Services (Private Proprietors) Act 2010

   370.    Principal Act  
   371.    Title of Supported Residential Services (Private Proprietors) Act 2010 substituted  
   372.    Purpose  
   373.    Definitions  
   374.    Sections 4 and 5 repealed  
   375.    Principles  
   376.    Parts 3 to 8 repealed  
   377.    Offence to unreasonably refuse assistance  
   378.    Offence not to give full and true answers  
   379.    Offence to assault, obstruct or threaten community visitor  
   380.    Request to see community visitor  
   381.    Record of visits  
   382.    Sections 197, 198 and 202 repealed  
   383.    Service of notice and other documents  
   384.    Delegation  
   385.    Sections 205 and 206 repealed  
   386.    Regulations  
   387.     Sections 212, 215, 216, 217 and 218 repealed  

           Division 5--Consequential amendments to other Acts

   388.    Accident Compensation Act 1985  
   389.    Crimes Act 1958  
   390.    Disability Act 2006  
   391.    Duties Act 2000  
   392.    Education and Training Reform Act 2006  
   393.    Guardianship and Administration Act 2019  
   394.    Health Services Act 1988  
   395.    Land Tax Act 2005  
   396.    Medical Treatment Planning and Decisions Act 2016  
   397.    Public Administration Act 2004  
   398.    Residential Tenancies Act 1997  
   399.    Tobacco Act 1987  
   400.    Transport Accident Act 1986  
   401.    Workplace Injury Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2013  

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