Victorian Numbered Regulations

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           Division 1--General

   1.      Objectives  
   1A.     Authorising provision  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Revocations  

           Division 2--Some features of these Rules

   4.      Definitions  
   5.      Diagrams  
   6.      Examples  
   7.      Headings  
   8.      Notes  
   9.      Reader's Guide  
   10.     Offences  


           Division 1--Roads and road related areas

   11.     Rules apply to vehicles and road users on roads and road related areas  
   12.     What is a road  
   13.     What is a road related area  

           Division 2--Road users and vehicles

   14.     Road users  
   15.     What is a vehicle  
   16.     Who is a driver  
   17.     Who is a rider  
   18.     Who is a pedestrian  
   19.     References to driver includes rider etc.  


   20.     Obeying the speed-limit  
   21.     Speed-limit where a speed-limit sign applies  
   22.     Speed-limit in a speed-limited area  
   23.     Speed-limit in a school zone  
   24.     Speed-limit in a shared zone  
   25.     Speed-limit elsewhere  


           Division 1--Left turns at intersections

   26.     Application of Division to roundabouts, road related areas and adjacent land  
   27.     Starting a left turn from a road (except a multi-lane road)  
   28.     Starting a left turn from a multi-lane road  
   29.     Making a left turn as indicated by a road marking  

           Division 2--Right turns (except hook turns) at intersections

   30.     Division does not apply to certain turns  
   31.     Starting a right turn from a road (except a multi-lane road)  

           Division 3--Hook turns at intersections

           Division 4--U-turns

           Division 1--Change of direction signals

           Division 2--Stop signals

           Division 1--Obeying traffic lights

           Division 2--Giving way at traffic lights

           Division 3--Twin red lights (except at level crossings)

           Division 1--Giving way at a stop sign, stop line, give way sign or give way line applying to the driver

           Division 2--Giving way at an intersection without traffic lights or a stop sign, stop line, give way sign or give way line applying to the driver

           Division 3--Entering or leaving road related areas and adjacent land

           Division 4--Keeping clear of and giving way to particular vehicles

           Division 5--Crossing and shared zones

           Division 6--Other give way rules

           Division 1--Traffic signs and road markings at intersections and other places

           Division 2--Traffic signs and road markings generally

           Division 3--Signs for trucks, buses andother large vehicles

           Division 1--General

           Division 2--Keeping to the left

           Division 3--Overtaking

           Division 4--Driving in marked lanes or lines of traffic

           Division 5--Obeying overhead lane control devices applying to marked lanes

           Division 6--Driving in marked lanes designatedfor special purposes

           Division 7--Passing trams and safety zones

           Division 1--General

           Division 2--No stopping and no parking signs and road markings

           Division 3--Stopping at intersections and crossing

           Division 4--Stopping on clearways and freeways and in emergency stopping lanes

           Division 5--Stopping in zones for particular vehicles

           Division 6--Other places where stopping is restricted

           Division 7--Permissive parking signs and parking fees

           Division 8--Parallel parking

           Division 9--Angle parking

           Division 10--Other parking related rules

           Division 1--Lights on vehicles (except bicycles, animals and animal-drawn vehicles)

           Division 2--Lights on animal-drawn vehicles

           Division 3--Horns and radar detectors

           Division 4--Portable warning triangles for heavy vehicles

           Division 1--General

           Division 2--Rules for persons travelling in or on wheeled recreational devices and wheeled toys

           Division 3--Rules for persons travelling onelectric personal transporters

           Division 1--Trams

           Division 2--Public buses

           Division 1--Miscellaneous rules for drivers

           Division 2--Rules for people in charge of animals

           Division 3--Obeying directions

           Division 1--General

           Division 2--Application of traffic control devices to lengths of roads and areas

           Division 3--Application of traffic control devices to persons
           SCHEDULE 1
           SCHEDULE 2
           SCHEDULE 3
           SCHEDULE 4
           SCHEDULE 5

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