Victorian Repealed Acts

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This legislation has been repealed.

WHEREAS by an Act of the Imperial Parliament of Great Britain and Ireland called or styled the Federal Council of Australasia Act 1885 - SECT 2

Certain matters referred to Federal Council

2. Certain matters referred to Federal Council

The following matters are hereby referred to the Federal Council of
Australasia to the intent that the said Council may pursuant to the provisions
of the said recited Act exercise legislative authority in respect of all or
any of such matters (that is to say)--

   (a)  the discipline and government of the garrisons established or to be
        established and maintained at Thursday Island or King George's Sound
        or any other place within the Australasian Colonies at the joint
        expense of those colonies or any of them;

   (b)  the enforcement by the Supreme Court of one colony of any process of
        the Supreme Court of another colony directed to compelling the
        production in such last-mentioned court of any unproved will or
        testamentary document in the possession of any person resident in such
        first-mentioned colony, and which said will or testamentary document
        devises or bequeaths property situate in the colony from the Supreme
        Court whereof such process issues, and is required by the executors or
        trustees appointed by such will or other testamentary document, and
        who are resident in such last-mentioned colony for the purpose of
        obtaining probate of such will or testamentary document or registering
        the same in such last-mentioned colony.


ENDNOTES 1. General Information The Federal Council Referring Act (Victoria)
1892 was assented to on 19 January 1893 and came into operation on 19 January
1893. 2. Table of Amendments There are no amendments made to the
Federal Council Referring (Victoria) Act 1892 by Acts and subordinate

3. Explanatory Details No entries at date of publication. ??


Act No. 1284/1892

Federal Council Referring Act (Victoria) 1892

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