Victorian Repealed Acts

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This legislation has been repealed.


No. 9702 of 1981
Version incorporating amendments as at 1 January 2010


           Section Page
   1.      Short title and commencement
   2.      Definitions
   3.      Appointments
   4.      Declaration of secrecy
   5.      Production of books etc.
   6.      Power to declare fuel
   7.      Determination of maximum prices, rates etc.
   8.      Sale of fuel and supply of service in one transaction
   9.      Transactions may be declared to be sales
   10.     Power to prohibit certain transactions
   11.     Power of Minister to suspend order etc.
   12.     Power to prohibit sale of fuel before maximum price or
           rate fixed
   13.     Inter-wholesale transaction
   14.     Inter-retail transactions
   15.     Delivery of invoice or docket with declared fuel
   16.     Particular with respect to declared fuel to be exhibited
   17.     Advertisements as to declared fuel
   18.     Application of orders etc.
   19.     Books, accounts etc. to be kept and preserved
   20.     Statements that prices have been approved by the Commissioner prohibited without his approval
   21.     Sale of fuel subject to condition to refund excess price
   22.     Offence to sell fuel at price higher than maximum price
   23.     Sale of declared fuel with undeclared fuel
   24.     Offering to pay higher price for declared fuel etc.
   25.     Delivery of fuel less in quantity or inferior in quality to those sold
   26.     Production of genuine invoices as evidence
   27.     Alteration of size of containers or quantity or ingredients of declared fuel
   28.     Sales by auction
   29.     Offences and penalties
   30.     Regulations
           1. General Information
           2. Table of Amendments
           3. Explanatory Details

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