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This legislation has been repealed.

Farm Water Supplies Advances Act 1944 - SECT 11


11. Regulations

(1) The Governor in Council may make regulations for or with respect to-

   (a)  the verification (whether by statutory declaration or otherwise) of
        applications for advances under this Act;

   (b)  the supervision of and the accounting for the expenditure of money
        advanced under this Act;

   (c)  prescribing forms for use under this Act (and all such forms or forms
        to the like effect shall be sufficient in law);

   (d)  prescribing reasonable fees (not exceeding Ten shillings and sixpence
        for one document) for the preparation of documents for the purposes of
        this Act;

   (e)  prescribing any other matters or things authorized or directed to be
        prescribed by this Act or necessary or expedient to be prescribed for
        the purpose of giving effect to this Act; and

   (f)  prescribing penalties (not in any case exceeding Five pounds) for
        breaches of such regulations.

(2) All such regulations shall be published in the Government Gazette and
shall be laid before both Houses of Parliament within fourteen days after the
making thereof if Parliament is then sitting and if Parliament is not then
sitting then within fourteen days after the next meeting of Parliament, and a
copy of all such regulations shall be posted to each member of Parliament.

--------------- ENDNOTES 1. General Information The
Farm Water Supplies Advances Act 1944 was assented to on 16 October 1944 and
came into operation on 1 January 1945: Government Gazette 20 December 1944
page 3144. 2. Table of Amendments This Version incorporates amendments made to
the Farm Water Supplies Advances Act 1944 by Acts and subordinate instruments.
Farm Water Supplies and Drainage Advances Act 1946, No. 5174/1946 Assent Date:
24.12.46 Commencement Date: 24.12.46 Current State: All of Act in operation
Crimes (Classification of Offences) Act 1981, No. 9576/1981 (as amended by No.
9902) Assent Date: 26.5.81 Commencement Date: 1.9.81: Government Gazette
26.8.81 p. 2799 Current State: All of Act in operation

3. Explanatory Details No entries at date of publication. ??


Act No. 5020/1944

Farm Water Supplies Advances Act 1944

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