Victorian Repealed Acts

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This legislation has been repealed.

Farm Water Supplies Advances Act 1944 - SECT 2


2. Definitions

In this Act unless inconsistent with the context or subject-matter-

"Board" means the Board of Land and Works;

"Crown lease" means a lease of Crown land which provides, or in respect of
which any Act provides, for the making of a Crown grant of the land in fee
simple to the lessee upon compliance by him with such terms covenants and
conditions as are prescribed in that behalf in the lease or in any such Act,
and "Crown lessee" means the lessee for the time being of the land comprised
in any such lease;

"farm" means the land on which farming operations are being carried on;

"farmer" means any person who is resident in Victoria and who is the owner or
Crown lessee of a farm in Victoria on which farming operations are being
carried on whether by such person or his servants agents share farmers tenants
or lessees, and (where the case requires) includes the legal personal
representative of a deceased farmer;

"farming operations" means farming agricultural horticultural viticultural
pastoral or grazing operations and, without affecting the generality of the
foregoing, includes dairy farming operations;

"owner" means the registered proprietor in fee simple of land under the
Transfer of Land Act 1928 or the owner in fee simple or owner of the equity of
redemption of land under the general law.

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