Victorian Repealed Regulations

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This legislation has been repealed.


S.R. No. 62/2000
Version as at 29 June 2000


           Regulation Page


   100.    Objective
   101.    Authorising provision
   102.    Commencement
   103.    Revocation
   104.    Definitions
   105.    Application of these Regulations
   106.    Females deemed to be of reproductive capacity
   107.    Authority may grant exemptions from these Regulations
   108.    Authority may determine lead process
   109.    Duty of employer to independent contractor
   110.    Publication date of amendments to incorporated documents
   111.    Date of effect of amendments to incorporated documents
   112.    Inconsistencies between provisions


           Division 1-Provision of Information

   201.    Information to job applicants
   202.    Employer's duty to provide information, instruction and
           training to employees
   203.    Employer's duty to obtain MSDS
   204.    Employer's duty to ensure information in MSDS is not altered
   205.    Employer's duty to ensure that containers are labelled
   206.    Employer's duty to identify lead-containing hazardous
           substances in systems

           Division 2-Risk Assessment and Control

   207.    Employer's duty to undertake risk assessment
   208.    Employer may make a generic risk assessment
   209.    Employer's duty to review and revise risk assessment
   210.    Employer's duty to keep record of risk assessment
   211.    Employer's general duty to undertake control of risk
   212.    Employer's duty to undertake specific measures to control risk
   213.    Employer to consult health and safety representative in certain circumstances
   214.    Employer's duty to ensure risk control measures are properly used and maintained
   215.    Employer's duty to ensure exposure standard is not exceeded
   216.    Containment of lead
   217.    Cleaning methods
   218.    Prohibition on eating, drinking and smoking
   219.    Provision of changing and washing facilities
   220.    Laundering and removal of protective clothing

           Division 3-Lead-Risk Jobs

   221.    Identification of a lead-risk job
   222.    Notification of a lead-risk job
   223.    Medical examination and biological monitoring when
           employee first commences work
   224.    Biological monitoring for employees already in lead-risk jobs
   225.    Frequency of biological monitoring
   226.    Removal from lead-risk job
   227.    Results of biological monitoring after removal
   228.    Return after medical removal
   229.    Conduct of medical examinations
   230.    Duty to notify Authority of nominated medical practitioner
   231.    Employer's duty to keep medical examination forms
   232.    Accredited pathology services for the testing of blood lead
   233.    Medical examinations and biological monitoring to be at
           expense of employer
   234.    Employer's duty to keep records for 30 years


   301.    Employee's duty to ensure risk control measures are properly used
   302.    Employee's duty before eating, drinking or smoking or before entering area designated for eating and drinking
   303.    Eating, drinking etc.


   401.    Employer may continue to comply with old regulations
   402.    Delayed commencement for new lead processes
           SCHEDULE 1-Fees
           SCHEDULE 2-Results of medical examination
   1.      General Information
   2.      Table of Amendments
   3.      Explanatory Details

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