Western Australian Current Acts

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           Long Title

   PART IA -- Preliminary  

   1.      Short title

   PART I -- Parliamentary  

   2.      Legislature to be constituted in Western Australia
   3.      Governor may fix place and time of sessions, prorogue Houses and dissolve Assembly
   4.      A session every year
   5.      First calling together of Legislature
   6.      Appointment of members of Council
   7.      Tenure of seats in Council
   8.      Resignation of members of Council
   9.      Appointment of President; who may take part in debate
   12.     Convoking of Assembly
   13.     Assembly may proceed to business although full number of members not elected at general election
   15.     Election of Speaker
   22.     Oath or affirmation of allegiance
   34.     Standing Rules and Orders
   35.     Salaries of President, Speaker, and officers
   36.     Privileges of both Houses

   PART II -- Electoral  

   38.     Electoral laws
   41.     Electoral lists

   PART III -- Elective Council  

   43.     Certain sections to lapse
   46.     Convoking of elected Council
   47.     Council may proceed to business although full number of vacancies not filled at general election
   49.     Election of President

   PART IIIA -- The Governor  

   50.     Office of Governor
   51.     Instructions to Governor

   PART IIIB -- Local government  

   52.     Elected local governing bodies
   53.     Certain laws not affected

   PART IV -- Judicial  

   54.     Judges continued in the enjoyment of their offices during good behaviour
   55.     But they may be removed by the Crown on the address of both Houses

   PART V -- Legal  

   57.     Existing law saved
   58.     Courts of justice, commissions, officers, etc.
   59.     Custom duties may be imposed not differential
   60.     Duties not to be levied on supplies for Governor or troops nor any duties inconsistent with treaties
   61.     Separation of the Colony
   62.     After separation, Act to apply to remaining part of Colony

   PART VI -- Financial  

   63.     Liability of separated portion of Colony for public debt
   64.     All duties and revenues to form Consolidated Account
   65.     Consolidated Account permanently charged with expenses of collection
   68.     No part of public revenue to be issued except on warrants from Governor
   72.     Consolidated Account to be appropriated by Act of the Legislature: certain charges not affected

   PART VII -- Miscellaneous  

   73.     Legislature as constituted by this Act empowered to alter any of its provisions
   74.     Appointment to offices under the Government of the Colony to be vested in the Governor
   74A.    Demise of the Crown
   75.     Interpretation
   76.     Operation of Act
   77.     Act to be proclaimed
           SCHEDULE E -- Oath and affirmation of office

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