Western Australian Current Acts

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           Long Title

   PART 1 -- Preliminary  

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Terms used
   4.      Providing a course of study -- interpretation
   5.      Making representations -- interpretation

   PART 2 -- Establishing and maintaining standards for higher education

           Division 1 -- Protection of standards for higher education  

   6.      Protection of titles and awards
   7A.     Representations about authorisation to accredit higher education courses
   7B.     Representations about admissions into higher education courses

           Division 2 -- Universities

              Subdivision 1 -- Report about criteria for establishing Australian university  

   7.      Report about criteria for establishing Australian university

              Subdivision 2 -- Recognition of overseas universities  

   8.      Recognised overseas universities
   9.      Applications for s. 10 determination
   10.     Recognition of overseas universities
   11A.    Further conditions on s. 10 determination
   11.     Suspension or revocation of s. 10 determination

           Division 3 -- Non-university institutions

              Subdivision 1 -- Authorised non-university institutions  

   12.     Authorised non-university institutions

              Subdivision 2 -- Self-accrediting authorisation of non-university institutions  

   13A.    Applications for grant of self-accrediting authorisation
   13B.    Self-accrediting authorisation of non-university institutions
   13C.    Further conditions on self-accrediting authorisation
   13D.    Suspension or revocation of self-accrediting authorisation

              Subdivision 3 -- Provider’s authorisation of non-university institutions  

   13.     Applications for provider’s authorisations
   14.     Authorisation of non-university institutions
   15A.    Duration of provider’s authorisation
   15B.    Further conditions on provider’s authorisation
   15.     Suspension or revocation of provider’s authorisation

              Subdivision 4 -- Accredited higher education courses  

   16.     Accredited higher education courses

              Subdivision 5 -- Ministerial accreditation of higher education courses  

   17A.    Application of this Subdivision
   17.     Applications for ministerial accreditation
   18.     Ministerial accreditations
   19A.    Duration of accreditation
   19B.    Further conditions on accreditation
   19.     Suspension or revocation of ministerial accreditation

           Division 4 -- Higher education advisory committees  

   20.     Higher education advisory committees
   21A.    Report of higher education advisory committee to be provided to applicant
   21.     Remuneration of advisory committee members

   PART 3A -- Reviews and investigation  

   22.     Review of operations
   23A.    Inspectors, appointment of
   23B.    Inspectors’ powers
   23C.    Consequences of investigations

   PART 3 -- Other matters  

   23.     Register of Higher Education
   24A.    Minister to make National Protocols available for inspection
   24.     Delegation by Minister
   25.     Act binds Crown
   26A.    Protection from liability
   26.     Disclosure of information
   27A.    Evidentiary matters
   27.     Vicarious liability for corporations
   28.     Agreement to pay costs of considering application or request
   29.     Recovery of fees
   30.     Regulations
           Compilation table

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