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8B .         Terms used

        (1)         In this Part —

        adult means a person who is not a young person;

        authorised person , in section 8I or 8L, means a person appointed under section 8D to be an authorised person for the purposes of the section in which the term is used;

        cannabis intervention requirement means a notice referred to in section 8F;

        cannabis intervention session means a cannabis intervention session —

            (a)         provided by a treatment provider approved under section 8J(2)(b); and

            (b)         the content of which is approved under section 8J(2)(a);

        CEO (Health) has the meaning given in section 38D(1);

        minor cannabis related offence means —

            (a)         an offence under section 5(1)(d)(i) or 7B(6) that involves cannabis; and

            (b)         an offence under section 6(2) that involves cannabis —

                  (i)         if the amount is not more than 10 g, or such other amount as is prescribed by the regulations; and

                  (ii)         if the offence does not involve a cannabis plant under cultivation, cannabis resin or any other cannabis derivative;

        police officer does not include a person appointed by the Commissioner as an authorised person under section 8D;

        responsible adult has the meaning given in the Young Offenders Act 1994 section 3;

        young person means a person who —

            (a)         is under 18 years of age; or

            (b)         in relation to the commission, or alleged commission, of a minor cannabis related offence, was under 18 years of age when the offence was committed, or allegedly committed.

        (2)         In this Part the following abbreviations are used —

        CIR for cannabis intervention requirement;

        CIS for cannabis intervention session.

        [Section 8B inserted: No. 45 of 2010 s. 6; amended: No. 56 of 2011 s. 7.]

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